Need a Holiday mode for Override For Business use

I have Smarthings running my Bar and My Restaurant. They are used primarily to take away the ability for the employees to screw stuff up.( Dimming the lights at the right time, shutting the music off at 2am. ect…) Every automation is set for certain days and times. We do not rely on Home/Away modes since that does not work for our businesses. So when there is a Holiday which we are closed for and granted this is only 4 times a year, but I was hoping to have a automation that would override everything else if it is one of those Holidays. Right now what I do if I remember is to just unplug the smarthings hub for that day and plug it back in the next. I tend to forget sometimes since it is busy with the Holidays, so then I have to set alarms on my phone and go in the app at certain times to shut off the lights that went on. Its especially annoying at night since I ramp the lights every 15 minutes as we get closer to closing. Any ideas or options you can think of?


Create a mode named “Closed” and one named “Open”.

Do a one-time edit on all your Automations, set them so they only run when Mode is Open.

Create a Routine (in Classic App) or Scene (in New App) that sets Mode to Closed.

For change to Mode Open, you can use a similar Scene/Routine or trigger it with presence, whatever works.

That’s the most basic. Automate the mode changes using whatever works.

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@HalD ‘s suggestion is what most people do, I think. It’s a very straightforward method and works with all the official features.

You could make the process even simpler since you are not currently using modes and simply decide that the provided mode called “home“ is your regular mode and the provided mode called “away“ is your Holiday mode. :sunglasses:

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It will be useful to set a Holiday mode recognizing and importing holiday from some internet calendar. Is there something similar available atm?

Could you add a smart plug to the hub power that way you can cut the power remotely when you forget to unplug it. :blush:

There is , but not in the official features. You’d need to use WebCore.

FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)

Well, I guess it is time for me to start using it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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