Newbie Question on automatic change of "mode"

I have made a simple automatic rule to turn lights on when I come home… :
IF MotionSensor activated
AND Mode = Away​
Dimmer 1 = on
Dimmer 2 = on
It works fine, but I want to set Mode to “Home” at the same time…
Any tips on how to implement this ? So I dont have to press the “I’m home”
routine manually…
Regards Geir.

This can easily be accomplished with webcore. But I bet there is an easier way within Smartthings. Sorry, not much help here.

Are you using the custom automation creator in the new app?

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Yes I have made it in custom automation…

If you remove if away, then you can set the mode to home. The custom automation app is very limiting. What you want to do is much easier with smartthings classic, smartlighting and routines. Core or webcore is also a valid option.

Tnx. But then the light will go on everytime I pass the sensor… Even if I dont need the light…
I found another easy way…
New rule …
IF both lights are ON
Then I am home and mode =ON
Works :blush:
Tnx for links over. I will read it all.