Neato Robotics Botvac on sale @ Best Buy (03/27/18)

I’ve got a deal on a Neato D80 (not connected) several months ago and couldn’t be happier.
Those Neato are smart and does a fine job navigating around the house and cleaning.
Always impressed with how much dust it picks up.
This deal seems pretty good!

does it push thru a dust ruffle, or treat it as a wall?

I do not have bed skirts, but the Neato has a small Lidar (Radar), a quite sensitive bumper and side IR sensors to sweep along the wall, so I would say it will treat it as a wall.
If you lift a portion of the bed skirt, it will probably go under the bed though and hopefully find his way out :wink:

I have curtains that close off a media room from the great room at my vacation house and the Neato won’t try to push through. I leave a gap it can fit through and it will go in, clean, and find its way out. I’ve run it at night in complete darkness and it does fine. It’s interesting to watch on the security camera when it’s in IR mode because you can see the LIDAR scanning as it runs.

I’m sure these things are great but my dog has a hatred for mechanical noises (printer, vacuum, shredder) so he’d probably find a way to kill it.

My neato xv-21 is still kicking and I love it, it doesnt look like many other features have been added with the botvac line other than wifi. For the same result get the $129 version that goes on sale often.

fwiw coupon code PREPSPRING gets you another $50 off