Neato D7 Alternative (Robot Vac)


We have SmartThings/Google Home with some other HA stuff. We got a Neato D7 after waiting for a year for it to come out (previously tried the Neato Connected but it has issues this one supposedly fixed). We like it for the straight patterns of vacuuming, the fact that it appears to be a vac first/robot second, and it’s “no go lines” rather than a physical barrier. However, it’s just not working really well. It gets stuck all the time - ALL the time, and it’s frustrating. My spouse is about to just take it back and go without an auto vac option but I’m not wild about that. I’m definitely willing to replace it, though. I’d like a good vac. I’d rather not have to spend a lot more than the D7 but I don’t mind a similar priced (or slightly more) swap. I’d like it to work with either SmartThings or Google Home, if possible (though I suppose the vac itself is more important). Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and learning more. :slight_smile: Thanks so much in advance!

(PS I’ve taken the time to search & read reviews but some sites say that the D7 is the best and other say it’s basically trash. I’m looking for input from actually users, hence coming here. :slight_smile: )

I like my Roborock S50s so much, I bought a second one so I could have one on each floor of the house. I got mine for under $400 USD each ($370ish). LIDAR room floorplan mapping, algorithmic pattern vacuuming, virtual go zone and no-go zones, repeat x times, scheduling, Alexa and Google Home skills, mop attachment (meh), and easy bin removal. I have no idea how it compares to Neato. I have mostly floors with a few area rugs. It occasionally gets wedged under a particular cabinet if it catches it just right, but 99% of the time these robots do their thing once a day and go back to their dock after making 2 passes over the entire floor. I just have to empty the bins regularly. So much better than my old Roomba 500 series. I also saw someone set up a middleman server that worked with Google Home to tell the robot to clean a specific room utilizing the floorplan map and virtual zoning. (This can also be done via the phone app sans custom server and voice assistant.)

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