Native ST ecobee 3 intergration?

I really home the cloud to cloud connection issues are resolved. Would be really unfortunate to see 1500 hours of coding go to waste. I’m considering just getting some motion/temp sensors to control my keen smartvent.

Hi @jacisme

I made some changes today to MyEcobee device and ecobee3RemoteSensorInit that would hopefully reduce the number of connection & timeout exceptions

You may want to try the new beta versions at my github:

Let me know how it goes.

P.S. You’d need to copy and paste the code for both the device and the smartapp, save & publish.

EDIT. I still think that the ultimate resolution of those connection issues is still on the ST side, but this may alleviate some of the issues till then.

Hi @yvesracine, I have been using your ecobee tstat handler without any issues for a few months, but recently I started getting errors when executing Routines against my tstats (one ecobee3 and two smartSi). Do you have any suggestions?

Here is what I see in the log:
doRequest>exception Internal Server Error for %7B%22functions%22%3A%5B%7B%22type%22%3A%22setHold%22%2C%22params%22%3A%7B%22coolHoldTemp%22%3A880%2C%22heatHoldTemp%22%3A680%7D%7D%5D%2C%22selection%22%3A%7B%22selectionType%22%3A%22thermostats%22%2C%22selectionMatch%22%3A%22252616515940%22%7D%7D
viewed false

Hi @vitaly,

Here is my post about it in the following thread:

Hi @slagle, @jotto, @jarettp, @dvanzuiden,@stvdano,@benmctee

FYI, after some testing on my end, I have observed the following facts:

(1) Before the peak of connection issues that we’re all experiencing with my custom Ecobee Device now, I had been able to correct any connection issues by re-authenticating with ecobee, and this action would “reset” the connection and any connection issues would disappear after.

(2) Now, even if I try to “reset” the connection by re-authenticating with ecobee, the connection issues stick. The only way is to uninstall the Service Manager and delete the device to create another one.

Also, since yesterday, somebody has pointed out to me that the ecobee’s access token expiration time is now expressed in seconds (not in minutes like before)…

This is a recent change that was implemented just yesterday:

The change does not explain all the connection issues in the last week, but it explains the fact that I can no longer ‘reset’ the connection with ecobee since yesterday.

There may be also more rate limiting done either on the ST or the ecobee side that I’m not aware of.

I implemented more defensive coding into My Ecobee Device, MyEcobeeInit and ecobee3RemoteSensorInit to avoid connection issues in the future.

MyEcobee device at home has been now stable for a while, and hopefully it will work also for anybody
who uses it.

Please let me know of any issues, especially with ecobee3RemoteSensorInit as I cannot test
it at home (I do not have any ecobee3’s remote sensors).

So, in order to correct their current connection issues, ST users need to

(1) Remove My Ecobee device and any ecobee3’s remote sensors from all smartapps

(2) Uninstall MyEcobeeInit, ecobee3RemoteSensorInit

(3) Get the latest MyEcobeeDevice, MyEcobeeInit and ecobee3RemoteSensorInit code at my beta branch

(4) Re-execute MyEcobeeInit and ecobee3RemoteSensorInit


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Thank you, @yvesracine. I am ready to go through the steps above, but need a bit more guidance. What do I do to Remove MyEcobee device?

Hi @dalec,

There is a troubleshooting section at the ST community wiki (see item 6)::

P.S. I can also help you further if you need it, but I will have to charge you a support fee as
support can take a lot of my time and I have a full time job (and a family):grinning:


I got further along this time. Can I make a suggestion on the wording of your instructions for us newbies? On the line that says:

d) Copy and paste the code from ecobee.devicetype.groovy under

It would have saved me some time if it had said something like:

d) Copy and paste the code from ecobee.devicetype.groovy by first clicking on the Raw button to provide a cleaned code under

I didn’t realize all my creation errors were stemming from me attempting to copy/paste from within the window not even knowing what the Raw button was for.

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If you carefully read the instructions provided in the configuration and
troubleshooting sections, you’d see detailed instructions for newbies :grinning:

See troubleshooting section (item 1) for example about how to create custom devices and smartapps.


First of all know that I think you have done an outstanding job in creating this code to connect to the ecobee3 and I got it successfully working :slight_smile: That being said I was attempting to give you feedback as a newbie to ST and my first time experience in attempting to adding your non-standard device through the IDE interface.

So your response is exactly my point. I DID read the troubleshooting section which is how I finally went back to click the RAW. This made for an annoying experience which could have easily been avoided by stating it in the original instructions. The way it is written now forces a newbie to make reading the troubleshooting section a mandatory part of the installation. The troubleshooting section is a great help and tends to point people back to something already stated in the instructions they didn’t do. In my case the instructions never said it in the first place.

Of course now that I have actually published code for the first time successfully I hopefully won’t be making that mistake again. :wink:

PS - There are so many posts about your ecobee3 integration. Where would you prefer posts on feedback on it? I started here but is there a better place?

Hi @dalec, that’s fine you can post it here or PM me.



How does. Novice integrate the ecobee 3 if we have never messed with the code of our hub before?

I just got mine installed and currently in stand alone mode.


Refer to

Sections configuration & troubleshooting.



I succesfully followed the steps and entered the PIN and everything seemed to go OK with set up, however I see no events in the logs and the UI on the app is not getting updated at all. I ran the Init again to get a new PIN, but same behavior. Any thoughts?

Hi, did you try to press the ‘refresh’ tile several times?

Also, you may want to use pollster() to refresh the thermostat values every 5 minutes as specified in the instructions (step 11).

P.S. You can edit the preferences and set the trace to true to get more tracing (as specified in step 5).

I did hit refresh a few times, it didn’t help. Reinstalled a few time.s I noticed that it called to get two PIN each time I ran the init…I used the second one and it fianllay worked.

The fonts look a little funny on some of the values. Anyway to improve those?

Sorry, there is no way to control the rendering on different devices (iOS, Windows, Android). This is strictly a ST UI issue.

Hello long time ST user here but just recently entering the climate control area. I have ordered some keen vents but I’m interested in a thermostat, lyric, Ecobee or Nest.

From what I read and the amount of community support it looks like Ecobee is the best option? They are all $250 but Ecobee includes a temperature sensor… Also are all bugs worked out?


Thanks, I have read that so it seems by buying your device type there should not be disconnection issues…
Does that mean that something like Lyric or even Nest may be a better choice (if I don’t want to have to pay for additional software?)


If you do want to pay for any software, there is the ST stock device that is available for free.

However, it lacks basic features to make it useful for HA scenarios.

See the list of capabilities of MyEcobee device at the end of this thread.

Or at the wiki

As far as the Lyric and Nest are concerned, I cannot talk too much about them as I’m not an expert.

All I know is that Nest is not currently supported by ST because there is no agreement with Google to do so. So it’s only supported through unofficial APIs.

To my knowledge, Lyric is also not supported because there are no APIs available yet.

Ecobee has the best APIs (for the moment).


@jefo13, I’ve tried to outline the options for the Ecobee3 integration in the post below. There are several options. yvesracine’s code is the best way to access all aspects of your thermostat. I haven’t tested the most recent code, but it sounds like it’s mostly working.

StrykerSKS has been working hard on free Ecobee integration and it’s now live and works great (again, yves is not free, but has a lot more integration).

Take a look at the thread here for more info: [Release] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

I’ve also included a summary of options in another thread here:

I have had my Ecobee for several months now and Love it. Wouldn’t trade it for a Nest or Lyric.

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