Native ST ecobee 3 intergration?

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Any update on official Ecobee3 integration?

There have been several updates to the Github repository for the SmartThings supported code in the Public repository. So they are making progress. I do know some people that have started using the updated code.

They are using the same technique that I’m using for the authentication token handling now. So it should be very stable from a connection perspective.

The ST codebase is still missing a few features that I have in my code, such as the ability to change programs (Away, Sleep, Home). But as soon as they are done making their baseline updates I plan to start contributing Pull Requests back to their branch to bring it up to parity.

In the meantime, you are welcome to try out my code. We are up to about 265 users now and growing daily. I’m to the point where I’ll likely release the 1.0 version soon (hoping for this weekend).

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