N00bs guide to ST & GD00Z (Garage Door Controller)

I played with a the code a little bit but it seems like ST doesn’t like to send out multiple messages. Did a quick search and it looks like the only way to really do it is with virtual devices triggering another message.

What I tried is this.
Under the input area I added
input “phone2”, “phone”, title: “Warn with text message to second phone number(optional)”, description: “Phone Number”, required: false

Then further down I added
if (phone2) {
log.debug "Sending text to Phone number - ${phone2}"
sendSms phone2, msg2
also added this if autoclose wasn’t used.

if (phone2) {
log.debug "Sending text to Phone number - ${phone2}"
sendSms phone2, msg

Once I added the new number I could see in the logs it triggered but never got the text message.

Anyone else have an idea? Is it possible i’m sending too many “sendSMS” commands too quickly? Like need to add a Sleep 10 or something?

Personally, I would just use something like CoRE to send the texts.

Thanks for giving it a try Taco. Hopefully someone can come along and fill in details.

Bamarayne, can you provide details? Maybe another easy noob tutorial link? Hah.

@Eighty7Lx @Taco

I’m not positive of the details, but I remember a staff member commenting about text messages actually cost the company money. So, they are kept to a minimum.

But, I did an experiment… Using CoRE, I created this basic piston and it sent out both texts at the same time.

Nice! I appreciate the effort put towards my request. Think you could help me with a step by step for installing this “core” and creating that piston so I can replicate your success? Either here, or a new thread, or pm? Thanks!

Not a problem. I wool be glad to help you out. I can’t really go through a step by step right now, but you can read through these links to learn about CoRE and what it can do.

These are works inn progress, so if you see something that needs changing, or can be made better, let me know. I’d like to get this so that a new user can go from start to finish and have an operational smart app.




Added my controller for my 2nd garage door tonight. It immediately saw it as the proper device handler. All I had to do was go in and choose RAGD again from MyApps and choose the proper sensor/switch. The entire job, from the start of the Linear install to the end of the ST app settings took me 15 min max.

So my next question is… how can I receive a notice anytime the door opens or closes? Currently, I only get notices when it’s been open for “x” minutes (and when it’s closing itself). If no one should be home and the door is opened, I wouldn’t know at the present time. Can I alter the code in MyApps? Or (forgive my newness to ST) can I install a second app to control that part?

Final step around garages (until I think of something else) is to get the new Echo Dots in and integrate my ST with it so I can verbally open/close garages. :slight_smile:

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Take a look at the following links. They will lead you to the promised land!




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I haven’t installed my second GD00Z, but I use the “Notify Me When” app under “Safety & Security” for notificaton of open or close. Use the “Contact Opens” & “Contact Closes”, selecting both garage openers should provide the notifications. Give it a shot and report back!

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Hi @Eighty7Lx,

The 2 notification options mentioned above are good, but I would recommend Smart Home Monitor (SHM) since it’s already part of the mobile app and you don’t need any separate SmartApp installed. Once you want to get more advanced with rules and conditions, then I would definitely recommend CoRE.

Once in SHM, here’s how:


Thanks a bunch John. That worked perfectly! Super simple. I’ll eventually have enough sensors and such to get into the CoRE thing, but for now while I learn, simplicity is key. This does it. Now I need to learn how to figure out how to change what the system does when I’m here vs when I’m away, etc. More learning. This stuff is fun, b/c of the huge community involvement.



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Glad to be able to help @Eighty7Lx. The Community here is always willing to help.

That’s where modes will come into play. There’s an issue right now with creating new modes, but the default Away, Home, and Night are there. That’s all I really use. You can create a Routine or modify one of the out of the box Routines to set the mode.

In the example I gave above where you select the device, there’s another area further down called More Options. That’s where you can tell SmartThings to only perform that rule for certain a mode(s).

You can have Routines automatically run based on several different conditions, or you can use the mobile app to manually run a Routine.

Experiment and let us know where we can help!

My guess is home vs away uses my phone for presence? What defines when ‘night’ starts?

Yep, it can use your phone(s) or other presence sensors, but you have other options as well. The most common I suspect would be some sort of presence. Our family uses our Android phones. For the night mode, you can use sunset. There’s a Good Night and Good Morning routine you can change to automatically run based on sunrise or sunset.

Update 9-25-2016

I’ve added a github with the current code I’m using. You can find the code here: https://github.com/trinitron79/SmartThings-Garage-Door/blob/master/smartapps/smartthings/automated-garage-door-open-close.src/automated-garage-door-open-close.groovy

You should also be able to add it as a repository as well.

Click on “My SmartApps”, “Settings”, “Add new repository”, from there you should be able to enter:
Owner: Trinitron79
Name: SmartThings-Garage-Door
Branch: Master

After clicking Save you should be able to select “Update from repo” then "SmartThings-Garage-Door (Master)"
From there you should be able to add a check box next to the “New”, then click “Execute Update”.

Once that is done you should see the app under My SmartApps and should be able to go into the app and click publish, For Me.

/Update 9-25-2016

HI Taco,

Great how to, thank you. I have everything working well except the threshold time. I put “5” in “Warn when open longer than (optional)” but its closing the door after approx 20 seconds. Any ideas?

I would do the live logging and see what that says, it’s in the same area as My SmartApps. Once you go into live logging open the door and let the application handle the rest. See what it says then go from there.

@Taco I just got a NuTone opener and I already have an Ecolink tilt sensor. I just used the sensor included with the NuTone to connect my opener to my ST hub. How do you switch to the new tilt sensor? Do I have to exclude and reconnect?

You leave the normal sensor then in the smartthings app you change it to use your 2nd sensor.

Thanks! Do you mean the special app you linked to here? I was not planning to use that but if I have to I will. Or do you mean another app?

UPDATE: I did install the new device handler and put that into use. I also had already powered down the NuTone tilt sensor and excluded then re-connected the opener. All it does is report unknown for door status.

Okay I installed your app and configured it to use the existing sensor. No joy, but it does still read the NuTone sensor that I have sitting on the table. The GD00Z works well as long as I keep manually tipping the NuTone sensor :slight_smile: