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N00bs guide to ST & GD00Z (Garage Door Controller)

My gut feeling is you do not have the handler installed for the device.

I took the code straight from dropbox and created a new SmartApp and had no problems with it.

At the top of my post look for the Device Handler area.

This is the Device Handler I’m using.

This onr installed, does this one have the colse timer? I don’t have access to the app right now.

The close timer is part of the SmartApp, when you get it published it’s an option you can set.

Well… It is amazing when you actually read the whole post for “how to” when your awake and can comprehend stuff! When I get home I will play with the settings to ensure that it all runs right. But great job doing the guide kinda wish more people would do them the way that you did yours!

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Thank you so much for this great guide! I wouldn’t have figured all this out without the step-by-step instructions. The new “driver” works well within the app itself.

Here’s my issue: I’ve installed this so that I could control my garage door via my Amazon Echo. Interestingly, I can successfully open it by saying “Alexa, open Jon’s Garage Door” - and it works! But Alexa can’t even seem to find the “Jon’s Garage Door” device when I prefix it with “close.” In other words, when I say “Alexa, Close Jon’s Garage Door” she pretty much ignores me. However, if I say “Alexa, turn Jon’s Garage Door Off” she does say “OK” and closes the garage door! So, it seems like she understands the “switch” vocabulary for close but understands the “open/close” vocab for open.

Is there a “vocabulary” in the code that needs to be updated so that Alexa can close/open using the close/open vocabulary?

Any insights appreciated…thx!

I find alexa works best with simple names and don’t name too many things similarly.

For example why “Jon’s Garage Door” instead of just “Garage”. Open Garage, Close Garage is more likely to work.

If you have two then perhaps name it simply “John Garage”. As in “Alexa Open John Garage”.

Also speak clearly, I tend to speak one word at a time. as in “Alexa…pause until I hear wake sound (optional)…Open…Johns…Garage…Door”

There is a full thread on naming things well for Alexa, check it out.

The reason I have it as “Jon’s Garage Door” is because we have two garage doors! So, while renaming it to “garage door” does work, it’s not a workable solution for our home. I realize this this may be an Alexa problem and not a Garage Door Controller problem, but initially I thought it was a controller problem so I posted it here.

I understand and I addressed that in my reply. If you read my entire reply I also said “If you have two then perhaps name it simply “John Garage”. As in “Alexa Open John Garage”.”

I tried to address your problem. Sorry if you don’t like my suggested solution.

I find with Alexa you need to get a little more creative. Perhaps call the doors by the car names usually parked there. Try different names until one works.

I have a light on my main floor which I originally called “Main Floor Light”, every time I asked alexa to “Turn on Main Floor Light” it would respond with “Which light did you mean?”, and I would have to say “Main Floor Light” again and it would work. It drove me crazy. So I changed the light name to “Living Room Light” and it works perfect now. In fact if I just say “Turn on Living Room” that seems to be enough.

By having unique words in each name that word becomes the key to controlling the item.

Perhaps try these names
"Left Garage, Right Garage"
“Acura Door”, “Lexus Door”
“Red Door”, “Green Door” (based on car color)
“Car Door”, “Truck Door”

You get the idea. If you insist on the issue of making “Jon’s Garage Door” work then I suggest you contact Amazon Echo Support. :wink:

BTW: have you used the Echo Voice Training so it knows your voice, accent etc ?

Does Alexa say “OK” when you say “Alexa, Close Jon’s Door ?” if not then the issue is Alexa not understanding. Even if it does say “OK” I find many times when I say turn “On/Off” or “Open/Close” alexa gets it wrong and issues the opposite command. So watch the ide live log and see what command is issued when you make the command. Also try being real clear on words open and close as in “Alexa, CLOSE…Jons Garage Door”

Thank you again for your response. You are very helpful, and on the contrary, I didn’t say I didn’t like your suggestion – nor do I blame you for any problems! “Jon Garage” is OK but it’s not as natural as I’d prefer this to all work, because, to be honest, we’re not opening my Garage! We’re just opening the door. :smile:

What I found the most confusing is that the “open” keyword worked just fine whereas the “close” keyword failed every time…whereas “turn on/turn off” worked reliably, which is even more syllables!

This is mostly (if not fully?) on Amazon’s plate, correct? I guess my presumption was that the controller / app provided Alexa with the appropriate vocabulary for controlling devices. I guess I was wrong about that.

So my remaining question is, then: who/what determines what vocabulary Alexa can use to control devices? For instance, who determines if Alexa responds to “open” and “close” vs. “open” and “shut” or “lock” and “unlock” etc.?

You know, Alexa, open the garage door works every single time.

But, Alexa, close the garage door fails 75% of the time. Usually she gives me the definition if a garage door.

I then say, Alexa, garage door, close. And that usually works.

It’s a real pia

I wonder if “Alexa Shut Garage Door” will work ?
or “Batten Down Garage Door” :smile:

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Trying to use the code listed in this post. I keep getting this error? any help?

No signature of method: script1452656449864508563336.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1452656449864508563336$_run_closure1) values: [script1452656449864508563336$_run_closure1@4bf37dd3] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

@WP1101 Which code are you using, several were mentioned.

Are you installing as a device ?

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@Ron I am setting it up as a smart app. Should it be a device?

That depends, you still failed to mention what code you are trying to install. There is both device code and smart app code in this thread. If you are installing the device code then Taco’s post (starting this thread) is pretty detailed so if you follow it you should get it installed correctly. If you are trying to install the smart app then I don’t know what your issue is. If you point us to the code you are trying to install it would make solving your issue much easier.

Here is an other good thread that will help you install.

Thanks for this. I have one of these and I want to buy another one for the second door in my garage. Does anyone know if you can have two of these in one garage? The tilt sensor that you attach to the door does not have any channel setting or such, and nothing in the documentation says that the tilt sensor and controller are matched pairs. I’m worried that with two of these in one garage the controllers won’t be able to tell the tilt sensors apart. Anyone know for sure?

After a few weeks I switched over to a Ecolink Z-Wave Wireless Tilt Sensor (amazon 30$). This is a more “active” switch over the standard passive tilt switch. You can place one on each door and then just name them “My Door Sensor” and “Her Door Sensor” then just name your openers My Opener and Her Opener. When it comes to the Door App you can know which opener / sensor combo to use.

In this very thread @JonDeutsch mentions having two openers. I am pretty sure others have mentioned that it works fine.

I’m not having any luck opening or closing the door from the app. It works manually, as in pushing the wall button, but not from smartthings. I followed line by line through this excellent guide, the Linear beeps several times whle flashing and the app tells me its opening, then nothing happens. I have a Liftmaster MyQ 8355 garage door opener, if that helps. Thank you for your help!

When you connect the two wires from the GD00Z unit into the Liftmaster there are already two wires there correct?

I know when I installed mine onto my Genie controller that the holes were very small and it was not making a good connection.

Double check your connections and let me know if that helps.

According to the install paperwork it says that the problem you are having is:

“Obstruction blocking the door or incorrect wiring”

Since you said the door is working manually, you must have bad wiring.

so, again make sure the wires from the gd00z are going into the two holes that also have the wires for the pushbutton on the wall.

If you have trouble getting the wires all in that small hole, just cut the wires and splice the new ones in.