MyQ on Sale @ Amazon $30

Limited time deal

FYI looks like this is still active at $30!

Yes and also at Walmart

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That’s dirt cheap!

Do they still have a monthly fee for IFTTT, Google,etc? I assume no direct Smartthings integration?

I believe they still have the fee. It would be best to look on their website for that data.

There is an integration available, check out the following thread…

Does anybody know if this could be used to open and close a driveway gate?

I don’t think as the sensor detects tilt, not contact for open close.

I think they actually dropped that fee (supposedly limited time)? Could be wrong, though.

I saw that but I was thinking I could cheat the sensor Since my gate swings open.

They did. I have my garage myQ integrated with IFTTT and I don’t pay a fee.

With your ST integration in fact! Thanks!