Chamberlain MyQ + IFTTT to be integrated into Smartthings?

There is a new (not free!!!) service coming from Chamberlain to link your GDO with Google Assistance or IFTTT

$1 USD/$1.3 CAD per month, or buy 10 get 2 month free

one month free trial.

Is it possible to use this to replace MyQ Lite DH? at least it doesnt need any sensor on the GDO…


You don’t need a sensor on the garage door.

I’m not controlling the garage door with SmartThings, I don’t need to do that. But I do want ST to report on the garage door status, and use it to drive actions in Smartthings.

So I have the Chamberlain app sending notifications on my android control tablet… and ST, via Sharptools and AutoNotification, intercepting those notifications and using them in ST.

One-time small fee for some of those apps.

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In fact, I do want to use ST to control my GDO, and I want to see the status on ST.

Looks like the official paid integration cannot open the door, only close.

Useless to me, back to the myQ lite + sensors