Myo by Thalmic Labs

Has anyone looked at Myo by Thalmic Labs. It looks pretty cool. Perhaps some neat ways to use it to control you home automation devices.

I’m one of the co-founders at Thalmic and also a smartthings user… integration coming, stay tuned!

We showed it off at CES, actually.


Hey man. Awesome product. I have been eying Myo for at least a year now. I hope to be ordering one soon. Myo, while awesome, still falls into that category of purchases that I have to explain to my wife. She sees toy, I see unlimited potential. (

While I have your attention I’d like to ask a question. I am very interested in automatic presence detection. I’d like to be able to walk into a room and have things happen (lights turn on, etc). And conversely when I leave the room. There is a smart plug made by Zuli which enables presence detection. When you have several of these around your house they create a mesh network. When you enter a room, the mobile app will recognize what room your are now in. The more Zuli smart plugs, the more accurate the presence detection. I think this is very cool. However, it suffers a major flaw. You have to have your phone on your while you move about the house. The majority of people do not keep their phone with them while they are in the house. They are usually on the charger, desk or counter. And without presence detection the magic of Zuli is lost.

Here’s where I think there is opportunity. Why not enable a BLE wearable, such as Myo, to be able to pair with Zuli’s BLE mesh network? Use Myo to detect your presence instead of a cell phone. At first I was thinking an activity tracker such as the Fitbit, but why not Myo. Myo is way more powerful than an activity wrist band.

Any thoughts on this? Perhaps you have your own way to use Myo to detect presence on a room by room basis?

Thanks. And keep up the amazing work. As a software engineer I truly think you guys are creating a great product and once I convince the wife to let me pull the trigger, I look forward to getting my hands (or should I say arm) on one of these bad boys.

This is really cool, but are you sure you want to seriously wear this to control your home? There are more subtle wearables to enable presence detection.

I can tell you that this has really low WAF (wife approval factor). Good luck!

What other subtle wearables did you have in mind? The Myo is a pretty powerful device. If I could use it for automatic presence detection and then use gestures to fine tune the state of devices in the room/house, that would be fantastic.

I am envisioning walking around the house feeling like a Jedi Master!!!

there’s tonnes of smaller wearables out there. As long as they have Bluetooth LE proximity implemented you will have the feature of presence detection.

Dear srlake,
As an bit of a noob regarding software development but just a gadget nerd i just bought a myo and with a bit of a luck i just purchased a smartthings hub (even without a normal retail point here in the netherland). Im very happy with the abilities of the smartthings hub but really dissapointed regarding to usability of the myo ( besides using it for powerpoint actions). The strange thing is that the use of myo is published on youtube as a really good gadget but in real life i find it really dissapointing unfortunally. I hope the usability for the ‘normal’ users without program abilities will increase e.g for the use of smartthings.hue lights, controlling ordinary things as the mouse on the pc on other systems on android and windows.

Can you tell me something more regarding the use of smarrtings with myo?

Kind regards,


Working on getting full details and a release out in the coming weeks, but basically v1 allows mapping of gestures to control devices that are connected to your smartthings hub. It’s early and intended for early adopters to start using Myo for your smarthome projects. Based on feedback from this we’ll work with the community to add more functionality and connect in future products with the smartthings/smarthome ecosystem.

We’ll likely open-source our initial Myo+Smartthings app/plugin so that you’ll be able to change/improve it as you like.

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I’m very much looking forward to seeing some integrations posted soon. I just received my shipping tracking number for my Myo pre-order and I’ll have it next week! I’d love to see what is possible with my Smartthings devices.

I have the Myo and I believe it has great potential.I also have the leap motion and am waiting for a good integration with ST on both!


Any update on this?


I am going to start working on some integration for ST/MYO.

At the moment, I am thinking some sort of Raspberry Pi interpreter for the MYO to connect to, using either PyoConnect or other Python bindings


Any update on this thread? Still have my Myo and would love to use it with ST.

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Any Updates on ST Integration? If yes. I’m buying it today!