My work around for Echo Speaks - simple use case

Hi all. Helpful forum. Did this today and works perfectly so figured I’d share.

I’m sure people were doing much more with Echo Speaks, but my use case was to simply give different preset welcome messages when I came home and I figured out a pretty easy work around after some digging. Hopefully it helps someone for their use case.

I ended up using the “facts” Alexa skill from GitHub as my template and edited it for my purposes. Ex (changed the precanned responses, removed the “here’s a fact!” And “would you like to know another fact?”). That was pretty simple. I called that skill “home welcome”. Now, when I come home part of my webCoRE routine is to flip a virtual switch, which is in Alexa. Now since Alexa routines offer custom triggers (which is basically telling Alexa to do something without actually telling her) I have a routine in Alexa that kicks off the “home welcome” routine when that virtual switch is flipped. Did it today.

Obv a work around from ES but works perfectly. You do have to have the virtual switch changed to (simulated Alexa switch) in the IDE so Alexa can see it. Want to say I needed to do something before that to get Alexa to see the virtual switch , but I forget and can easily find on google.

But very happy I can enable my use case again.


Are you sure this works ? :grinning:

Yep. Been working fine ever since I posted.