Echo speaks help

I’m trying to use ST app method to program Echo Speaks to tell me at bedtime what the state is of my door lock.
I run a routine in alex so I’ve added virtual switch in ST so I can use this to trigger ES.
However, I’m struggling to get it to tell me the condition of the lock, not the virtual switch. Help is much appreciated.

Why not run the routine in something like Webcore on ST? Then it is easy. At 10pm, using Echo XXX, Speak “The front Door is locked”

Using echo speaks actions:

Action type (config part 1): speak
Trigger (config part 2): virtual switch is turned on
Restriction (config part 3): lock is unlocked
Action response (config part 4): door is unlocked

Thanks for the replies but I’m not sure if I made myself clear.
I want to say “goto bed” and echo speaks tells me the state of door lock.

You can use voice to call Smartthings routines from Alexa. You just need to make sure it isn’t trying to do things that you haven’t granted Alexa access to like locks.