My suggestion for new presence sensor

I have seen all the complaints regarding the battery drain on these sensors and I have seen the AA hacks that people have did. Thing is I like my sensor on my key ring so I was hoping that one of the team would take on board my suggestions.

Its simple, on the gen 3 sensor just make it usb rechargeable. Id be happy to plug in a charger where I keep my keys anyway and then just plug it in when I get home.


I was thinking about this too. I think I like the USB recharge idea, but I can see possible issues with it.
Here’s another solution, that I acknowledge has a couple of its own issues: an on-off switch. Switch the thing off whenever you are out for any extended time… like every work day of the year. Between the commute and everything else, for most of us that represents something like 50+ hours out of every 168 hour week. So we would save almost a third of our battery consumption.

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I really like the USB recharging idea.

Not so keen on the on/off. I feel like I’d be forever forgetting to turn it on or off! Maybe that’s just my forgetful self though!

if it had a USB male end on it you could plug it in at work or home with ease. Only issue is it would make them shorten the batt life and not be careful with its design

But the other option is make it like the Aeon window sensors. micro usb port. its only to charge it up every 6 months. This should be a MINIMUM time frame for the battery still this will then be something you are alerted on to charge.