My ST v2 hub keeps getting disconnected (UK)

I have a ST v2 hub here in UK. The last week or so it keeps disconnecting from the internet. It’s in FW v16.00013.

I’ve just had one when I’m at home, got a notification on my iPhone, saying was disconnected to check my internet. However I confirmed that the internet was still on and ok.

Anyone know what’s going on? Is it just me? Any loss I can check?

Oddly, mine has been doing this over the past couple of weeks too. I just assumed it was my wi-fi but maybe not if others are getting the issue too. I’m in the UK as well.

Ah… I have had a few probs with my hub but that’s all sorted now and it’s still happening.

I just get a notification that’s it’s disconnected, this time when I was home so checked and I was still connected fine.

I knew a firmware update was coming, heard there was a problem with it, so presumed this, but still happening. Very unreliable at the moment

Happened again today. I checked and internet was connected still and the green LED was solid on the hub. Opened the app and said my hub was offline. This is no good if keeps doing this, anyone else?

I will email ST support to

Same problem here in the UK, in fact I’ve had about 6 ‘disconnect’ then ‘active’ notifications today, every time I check, everything is fine and it hasn’t disconnected. Really annoying, can we turn these disconnected notifications off until it’s fixed?

Also seeing hub updated in Events in the IDE.
Not sure why as I am already at 17.7.
There is an AWS incident going on (whatever that means) which is affecting lots of services, not just ST.

Anyone get an answer to this? I’m suffering this same. 3 or 4 disconnects a day sometimes more. Get the notifications on my phone.

I’ve been seeing error logs of the name localhost not being given to a dhcp address but that was found to be a samsung smart tv. As Samsung decided it was a clever thing to do to have their smart tv announce itself as “localhost” when requesting a dhcp address and this cant be changed I settings on the tv. (Seriously what sort of numpty decides that’s a good idea?)

Anyway it seems to stem from around the same time I bought this particular tv that these disconnects started. May be coincidence.

I’m going to try disconnecting that smart tv (when the kids aren’t glued to netflix) and see if that aids the smartthings frequent disconnect issue.