My SmartThings wishlist, what's yours?

I don’t have ST yet and I’m waiting because I don’t like its current state of things. Vera seems like a much more accomplished product but I have a feeling ST has a better future ahead with the support of Samsung finances and R+D, maybe, if they get their act together.

The hub is not future proof and is at least lacking the following

  • USB ports
  • wifi (dual band) networking
  • bluetooth
  • Insteon compatibility
  • ClearConnect RF technology (Lutron)
  • off the cloud local networking and storage (storage could be accomplished by connecting a USB HD)
  • GSM + SIM slot for off the cloud communications with cell phones
  • SD slot for storage

I hear customer support is about non existent, for having contacted them it is there but really slow, like a week to respond vs a day for Vera.

The lack of third party cameras compatibility besides D-Link which for the most part are poorly designed and rated is also a huge issue for me.

Instead ST released a half baked new hub 4 months ago while Samsung is announcing the useless integration of ST to their new televisions, I don’t get it.

The V2 hub does not lack bluetooth, it’s just not currently enabled.

The most important one by far is a Cellular facility.

Sim Slot is okay and acceptable, but I think the better option is a USB cell fob like available on Lowe’s system for ~4.95 a month. For one, an actual sim slot would require a hardware change. Two, I like the replaceable USB Fob better - seems more flexible.

The others in your list range from wrong to maybe nice to have. For example the box does have USB Ports, Bluetooth is there too. Not sure what the storage is for.

Storage for example to record video locally. Not a bad idea the USB cell fob, Lowe’s Iris has its own issues too, customers are not happy with the latest hub.

My main complaints with ST are the lack of cameras compatibility and off-line connectivity, it should fully work on LAN and WLAN in addition to cloud to cloud.

I left Vera for ST ver2 and have NOT looked back even with all the android app issues in the past few weeks…I’ve bee able to do more with the ide… rule machine…and sharptools I’ve been able to do way more with ST. It has been rough but I’m still very happy with the switch.


I understand your storage ask then, for me it’s a non-issue.

I won’t use cloud cameras no matter, no how. So I will only use cameras I fully own and control autonomously, in house. I also don’t want to conflate this with ST or any HA, a separate system end to end as a completely distinct independent layer in an approach to security. These storage systems onsite can be replicated to offsite storage if desired, again owned and controlled by me.

That’s my tact on it. But I do understand why you may want storage now.

Local storage would allow keeping the footage local. Connecting the cams to the hub would allow accessing the footage remotely and triggering other actions with IFTTT using the motion sensors of the cams, like turning lights on and sending motion detection alerts, which it pretty much does now except it is cloud based unless the camera has a local SD storage. Local storage could also be used as a personal cloud drive through the hub using a plain USB drive.

No such thing with Smartthings. They control your hub, ultimately, and can reach in and peak.

Its the same thing as storing in the cloud from a control perspective, i.e. you have NONE.

You can do this with the ST cams today. No local storage needed.

Yea, I can see why people want to do this. I will skip it and use motion detectors. I don’t want to conflate cameras into the ST world or any cloud world to gain this.

My wish is for mobile app equity between iOS and Android. By “equity” I mean full, but not necessarily identical, operation and capability on both platforms. Currently, the Android app is a bastardized version of the iOS app. SmartThings may be thinking that the apps need to look identical so that shared accounts have the same experience regardless of device. If so, I believe they are misguided. In my experience, most people don’t share phones, but they do use other apps on the phone they own. As long as the Android app continues to mimic iOS, it will always be that “oddball app.”

At the very least, the Android app needs Navigation View implemented (so the “spyglass” picture slides up when scrolling, as it does in iOS), Navigation Drawer (this is Android’s slide-out menu, which is totally unlike iOS), and fix the Android display bug for “things” with multiAttributeTiles (i.e., secondary control does not display unless type is “lighting”).

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There is one clear feature that you have missed in your bullet points, and currently without this the hub is useless.


I know you’ve accounted for this when you said you were waiting for ST to get their act together , very sensible. It’s an absolute necessity that you can depend on such a device to control and secure your home. ST also need to sort the flawed cloud architecture dependence.

i’d like sirens to work with smart home monitor

They do now (much to he annoyance of my wife, when presence sensing fails and it thinks the door opening is an intrusion).

and sonos integration to come back