My modified hub bulb device type (philips hue and others)

I do not really like how the hue settings is in the current hub bulb device type(which is used for philips hue,bulbs)
I like that you can pick preset white colors, but not that the color change is not instant.
So here is my custom device type that leaves the current hue/color chooser, but also integrates the alternate
rgb color and dimmer/level chooser tiles. The alternate level and color chooser is instant.
(See pictures for example).


Very nice. I will try it this weekend.

do you have anything for the HUE LUX direct connected to the ST HUB??

Don’t think he’s talking about a Hue Lux bulb. You can’t change the colour of a Lux bulb - only the brightness.

In this post he’s got a colour chooser…

i may get one and try the settings. but it would be a different device type as mentioned

@Lgkahn (or anyone else), do you know whether or no this Device Handler will work with the Iris too?