My Iris to Smartthings migration experience


(Lee Florack) #21

OK. Thank you.

I think where I was getting crossed up is that I was equating communicating to the hub with being linked to the hub. If I’m now correct (let me know if I’m still wrong), the device being excluded only needs to be communicating with the hub - but it doesn’t need to be a device that’s previously been actually linked to the hub - although it’s OK if it was and the proper way to remove an existing device from your hub and allow it to be relinked to the same (or different) hub.

Hopefully, I got that right.


Yup, correct. Distance could still be an issue if the device needs to communicate a far distance to the hub, but I’ve not had that issue before. Seems like excluding a device is a heck of a lot easier than joining one.

(Big Hoss) #23

Update for all to see. Still a couple of minor wrinkles to work out.

#1. I am not sure how to, with ADT Tools 2 installed and configured, exclude my Iris contact and motion sensors, or even include or exclude any particular sensors from say armed stay mode. I don’t want the alarm going off if my wife goes into the garage at 2 am, I just want to know it happened… I probably misconfigured something.

#2. I am not sure how to do it, but I understand there is a way to get the firrst generation Iris outdoor cameras talking to Smartthings, I would like to reuse my OC821s, triggered by alarm events to record certain areas inside the house…

(Big Hoss) #24

Okay so status updates. NO I am not going to let folks go without udpates. I am a firm believer in getting information that can potentially help others out as I get it. So here goes.

On the Iris sensors issue, I was getting errant alarm trips from indoor sensors tripping the alarm when it should have just sent notices, not alerts, and certainly not triggering my sirens and lights…

Following the push notifications it looks like I had a hickey with Smart Home Monitor doing stuff that shouldn’t have been going on. But I think I know how to get around it now. Will test tonight.

I am having problems with the Iris OC821s. Given that the Wyze cameras are $19.99 each, and are reported to easily integrate to SmartThings, I’m not filthy rich, but my time has value, so I may just bail out on the Iris cameras in favor of the Wyze cam anyway. Better camera anyway. The OC821s are not even 1080p… And the frame rate is abysmal… Something like 5fps… Bleh.

I have a Zigbee Ceiling Fan / Light controller coming in tomorrow, will be installing later this week…

My SmartLIghts smartapp is doing what I want it to.

ADT Tools 2 is giving me the features I want. When an alarm IS tripped, the hub siren, and both utilitech sirens go off, all available lights come on. I am still trying to figure out how to access the sirens on the Ring cameras…

Moving forward, and after discussing my needs / desires with my wife, and folks here RE: the technolgoy, I am thinking of the follwoing.

#1. Each bedroom gets a Zigbee outlet closest to the bed to power the bed side lamps and extend the mesh network.
#2. Each non ceiling fan light fixture gets a smart switch. probably Zwave for lower cost, and to improve the mesh network for that as ZigBee is covered by the outlets. This will include 2 locations that will require 3 way switching.
#3. Grow my Echo Dot collection from 2, to 6 Echo devices for voice control and Alexa Guard functionality throughout the house. (Paranoia be darned!). I am considering the regular echo, paired with an Echo sub for both the master bedroom, and living room. Echo dots for the other 3 remaining bedrooms, and one for the workshop.(how do I protect an Echo Dot from heat, humidity, and wood dust?)
#4. As I go along, the fixtures that for now have the smart light bulbs in them, will be converted to smart switches, with standard bulbs. I am not doing the RGBW thing, just on / off / dim. I am planning on RGBW light strips under my kitchen cabinets, and built into the bathroom mirror surround for ambient mood lighting for those spaces. Probably do the same for the space behind the TV in the living room… Nothing quite like watching Star Trek with a green glow around the outside of the screen ya know!

So from this point, what’s in place, and what’s the plan moving forward and why?

In place or on the way to be in place by the end of this week.
ADT ST security hub.
17 @ ADT ST Door and Window Detectors.
2 of the above listed detectors configured as overhead door tilt sensors and working flawlessly.
ADT ST Motion sensor. Debating adding more for additional triggers.
Iris 3rd generation ZigBee smart plug.
4 @ Sylvania Smart + on / off / dim smart bulbs in 2 fixtures. These are a temporary solution at best. I do not want to have to reconfigure / unjoin / join light bulbs every time one goes out.
2 @ Ring spotlight camera wired
Ring floodlight camera
Ring Video doorbell 2.
2 @ Amazon Echo Dot
2 @ Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa. (4 Alexa points of control).
2 @ Utilitech 85 db (100 adjustable) indoor siren.

Working on this week.
Hampton Bay ZigBee ceiling fan / light controller.
2 @ Iris 2nd generation contact sensors for infomration only, NOT alerting.
1 @ Iris 2nd generation motion sensor.

Goals moving forward and time, energy, and most importantly budget become avaialble.

9 @ Securifi Peanut Smart Plug ZigBee. 1 for each nightstand lamp, 1 for each living room lamp. Reuse the Iris ZigBee Smart Plug for one of these applications. Currently in the kitchen to turn a kitchen light on to simulate presence, not needed once we…

Additional ceiling fan / light controllers for the 3 remaining bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and master bath vanity.

Zwave switches for lights not associated with a celing fan this would include.
Bedroom hall, front porch, (excluding back porch due to the Ring floodlight camera), both commode / shower rooms, and master vanity over mirror.
Zwave 3 way switch sets for main vanity over mirror, and front hallway.

RGBW Light strips. Not decided on make / model etc… But I am wanting RGBW light strips for ambient lighting under the overhead kitchen cabinets, and as back lighting / ambient lighting behind the mirror surrounds in both bathroom vanities, and behind the TV in the living room. Probably but not 100% certain I am looking at the Sylvania Smart + Full Color Outdoor Flex Strip. Heck, if they are durable enough, and affordable enough, I might just do these under the soffits and around the windows for permanent party / holiday lighting…

2 Amazon Echo 2nd generation, and Echo sub. One for master suite, one for living room to improve sound, and extend Alexa.
3 Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation to complete Alexa extension through house. Pending decision on if Alexa Guard is extended to 2nd generation Echo Dot.

Not sure how much more time I am going to pour into getting the Iris OC821 cameras working. May just factory reset them and sell them off. They work, and I can get them into ST, but I don’t like the video quality out of them. Probably going to go with 6 Wyze Cams and 2 outdoor Wyze cam enclosures. Use the 2 outdoor units to elimintate the blind spots in my property coverage. To get to the blind spots isn’t “blind” so not a huge rush.

Assuming they will work, 2 @ Orbit B-Hyve 21004 smart hose faucet timer WiFi. ST or not, I am going with these as I want remote control of my hose bibs. I can’t afford in ground sprinkler rigs and the permitting required in my town. During watering season, I set up my sprinklers and leave them. No permit required if I stay above ground! I know cheesy, but it’s what it is…

Not sure if I need the ADT branded ones, or if the regular SmartThings ones will work, but I also want to add leak sensors under each sink (4) by each toilet (2) in the laundry room where the water heater is (1) and in the garage where the water softener is (1) for a total of 8…

Lastly, since I am already invested in the Amazon Echo / Alexa ecosystem, I am going to add 1 more Fire TV Stick, 1 Fire TV Stick 4K, and the 4 tuner FireTV Recast. (Master Bedroom, each bedroom, the the FireTV Recast in the living room.

I’ve got a good start, but I have a long way to go.