My HA setup just paid for itself - WAF is through the roof!

Yesterday I was upstairs cooking breakfast, I got a SmartThings push notification and simultaneous SMS with four words you don’t want to see: “Water Heater is wet”. I turned off the stove, ran downstairs to my laundry room and saw my water heater output flex hose spraying water vigorously onto the wall/floor/surrounding appliances. I shut off the supply, grabbed some junk towels and mopped the 1/8" or so of water that had collected in the area. Crisis averted!

There were a couple other fortuitous events that conspired to keep this from becoming a bigger issue, including the fact that I was working from home and could respond immediately. But as I wouldn’t have normally been in the laundry room during the day, and couldn’t hear the leak from where I was, the damage would have been much more widespread by the time I noticed it.

My setup is far from elaborate, I have some door/windows sensors, locks, lighting, smoke detectors and a Utilitech (Made for Iris) water sensor all running through SmartThings. Although my wife has been annoyed in the past by spurious notifications and endless tinkering, I think HA just won a place in her heart this week!


Love it!

These types of stories are what keep us going at SmartThings and what makes our jobs worth it!

Thank you so much for sharing!

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I am sure there are more people with stories like this. Actually I had an episode few weeks back. We were sleeping in the night and our patio door was not closed properly - The sensor was still detecting the door as closed. There were thunderstorms and it was windy, which caused the patio door to open by itself and we heard a Thud! I swear it sounded that someone broke in…Smart Alarm kicked in and voice notification went off. We were in our bed room and were really scared to go outside. But when that happened, all my lights came on and of course i received a notification. I checked my camera immediately and I could see no one… with pan/tilt options it helped me re-confirm … Then when I saw the leaves flying in from outside, I realized that it was the wind…If I did not have the ability to get that peace of mind, we would be in the closet for 10-15 mins until we realized that it was a false alarm. :smile: The first thing I did, fixed the latch of the door so it closes properly.


saw my water heater output flex hose spraying water vigorously

They do get into it when they decide to burst.

Good post!

We had ADT false alarm us, and tell us the house was being broken in to through the front door and activity was ongoing.

We were at the cabin, so I fired up my iPad, took a look at Smarthings and saw the front door was not open, in fact had neever opened according to its event log, the lock was still locked and had not unlocked, and in fact there were no motions created in any common hallway. Final detail my wife loved was watching the Foscam and she saw the police approach the house, look in the front door, tell it was locked, and the motions around the outside the house fired off in order he walked it.

The piece of mind she had no one had got in via the front door or the windows was great…and she just grumbled how much we pay ADT to get scared for no reason. Which is true until we really need that 911 response. :smile:

Thats one of a few instances we had that sold her besides the every day convenience…including an overflowing toilet water alarm from kids “losing” toys in it, storm warnings that windows or garage door was left open by accident, etc. Plus we have seen our utility bill drop significantly.

SmartTiles for her phone topped it all off. WAF 100%.


Plus the kids are in LOVE with their neon LED bed night lights…on before bed time and stay on until morning. They each have AEON minimotes velcroed to bed headboard to manage their lamps, fans, and their bed nightlights so they are in control…


This reply has totally just reminded me that water sensors exist instead of thinking ‘man, I’d love to able to tell when the stoop fills up so I can clean out that drain before it gets into the room’. Off to buy some sensors!