Sensor Saved Me!

(Rob B) #1

Thanks to SmartThings! This weekend I was taking a shower when I noticed all my Hue lights go blue. I thought at first someone was messing with me because I always get made fun of for my setup. After a few moments I remembered I set all my Hue lights to go blue if the water sensor in the basement detected moisture!! I immediately flew down the steps into the basement and noticed sewage backing up the main drain. I was able to stop all water usage and not lose anything until I could get a plumber out! Without the sensor it would have been days until I went downstairs and it could have been awful!!! No one teases me about my “fortress” now!

(Ben Edwards) #2

That is awesome. Perhaps we could feature your story on the blog?

(Rob B) #3

Sure that would be awesome! Would love to share

(Charlie Treadwell) #4

That’s awesome. I setup the same app a few weeks ago because we had 2 floods. Like you, I bet I would forget why my lights changed blue if this happens. I think I need to use this feature for other types of alerts to become more accustomed to it.

(Robert Rhea) #5

Good Job! Glad it saved you!

I get made fun of too - and I encourage some of it, LOL - for my automation and security stuff. Your story is exactly the reason why my first projects are safety sensors. I am considering a whole house water shutoff once I get my washing machine and water heater valves in place.