My Dream list of "Things" in Priority Order

  1. My based Concord 4 Security System
    I set my alarm to away when I leave the house, and I set it to stay at night before I go to bed. This actions should trigger state changes in ST, or state changes in ST should change my alarm setting. Integration through API to would be ideal, but I would take integration direct to Concord 4 too. apparently has an integration engine called “platform connect” I am trying to get more info on it.
  2. Chamberlain MyQ Integration
    I use MyQ to monitor and manage my garage doors… It is already integrated into ( ).It seems to be based on an iOT platform by a company called arayent ( here is their developer site ( and someone seems to have documented the APIs for the MyQ ( ). I have an email into the customer advocate at Chamberlain.
  3. Jandy iAqualink
    It controls everything on my pool. My variable speed pump, Heater, Lights and Saltwater Chlorine Generator. It is actually built by a company called iobridge: . They do have an API set: and Crestron seems to have been successful building integration:
  4. Rogue Amoeba Airfoil
    Airfoil allows you to create the “Poor Man’s Sonos” it is an application which allows multi room audio steaming over airplay.
    They seem to have integration through AppleScripting ( ) but they have an iPad remote control which must have a document api set somewhere. Would love to see capability similar to what ST does for Sonos for this.

None of these seem too odd and I think they all make sense. Let me know your thoughts.

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I agree with the MyQ! I don’t have any of the other items, otherwise I would agree with them too! :slight_smile:

Man, more than Airfoil, inclusive of it, and MUCH more powerful, would be a hook into AppleScript itself.

You know what that’s a recipe for? For ST being bought by Apple.

I would love integration. I have Frontpoint which is just rebadged!

I see as much chance of that happening as the hell freezing over, since ST is in direct competition with The truth is that is 10 times the size of ST - it raised $136M in 2012, comparing to ST’s $12M VC funding.

Yes, they are competitors in many, but integration makes their product more sticky. They have worked nicely with Vera for years. Integrating the products doesn’t make yes more apt to replace, it makes you more apt to keep it.

MyQ integration would be great.

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MyQ is #1 on my wish list.

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@nomisr @acastal - better late than never? integration would be killer!!


Plus 1 on the iAqualink connection. I am about to upgrade my pool to that system and would love for it to talk to ST. Question for you on your lights, are they all Jandy lights? I am installing 2 LED powered waterfalls (non-Jandy) and was wondering if I can control the LED colors via aqaulink. Mt other thought was via ST, but I haven’t figured out a compatible controller for them yet.

I have Hayward lights with my system… The colors are changed by turning the lights on and of a set number of times. The iAqualink has those patterns pre programmed so you can set them through the controller or app.

:+1: for API integration.

Or… even more preferred for me would be having the option of having SmartThings access / monitor the state on my hardwired motion sensors & open/close sensors.

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