Feature request: Alarm.com integration

Do you think it would be possible to integrate with Alarm.com via their api: http://www.alarm.com/about/press/PressGeneric.aspx?cmid=77



OK… that’s a short answer based on limited information. It really depends on how good their API is, as well as how open their API is (what are the various restrictions, etc.).

IFTTT and The Ubi are good example integrations with External Systems (a concept that is fundamental to SmartThings, per documentation SmartThings Architecture.

Therefore, I have faith that SmartThings can handle it’s end of the bargain from a technical / architecture viewpoint; and that includes letting us Community Developers (or Alarm.com staff) implement the integration; but … business or partnership issues, etc., are out of our hands.

Amy more info on this looking to integrated my alarm system into ST

Reading the Alarm.com press release link again, it seems they are only offering the API to their official Dealer Partners. This is not surprising.

Is anyone here an Alarm.com dealer or has the territory and other requirements to become one? Are Dealers permitted to consult or sell SmartThings?

With more partners’ products being integrated through Platform Connect, Alarm.com Dealer Partners now have the ability to add more services to the core interactive security offering, creating a deeper relationship with the homeowner and extending the overall value of the service they provide. As more and more devices integrate into the Alarm.com platform it will drive user engagement to create customer stickiness and allow Alarm.com Dealer Partners to revisit their current customers to deliver new and valuable added services to existing installations. Alarm.com is dedicated to creating the best solution with the most options to ensure our Dealer Partners are always one step ahead in the market.

i know its an old topic, but can we use the linked reference to build Alarm.com integration into ST ?

Just to keep this fresh, I found out recently that my monitored alarm offered alarm.com. I didn’t even know that!

So I called them, asked about the API. They gave me a well worn response that they don’t have one. And due to security concerns they were unsure of what they wanted to release.

The rep told me I could email feature requests and other things to info@alarm.com

So I sent them and email and let them know that I really wanted this, and that while I understand their need for security there were still things they could make accessible from the API.

For example use notifications from the door sensors to turn on lights and turn up heat.
Or use the motion sensors to do the same.

Additionally I think it would be fine to have an alarm ARM ability. So I could setup a Goodnight scene and turn off all the lights, set the heat, lock the doors and arm the alarm to away.

I recommend we all send similar emails and hope to get something.

I know this is not an integration with ST, but the way that I have automated alarm.com has been with:

  1. Amazon Echo - where there is a skill for alarm.com

  2. Tasker, Sharprools and AutoInput (android only) - with auto input, it does several instructions as if you were on your phone. For example, when me and my wife leave our home area (via ST Goodbye routine) it will wait 5 minutes (just to make sure I am gone) and then prompt me if someone is in the house (this is in case I have a sitter at home with the kids and I don’t want to turn the thermostat up/or down, the lights off, etc…). If I say yes, then it runs autoinput to set my alarm.com (pretty much opens the app, inputs the pass code, and turns on Home or Away) and SharpTools does other things like close my blinds and turn on certain activities.

You can see a video here:



My only human input was saying No (No one in the house) and Yes (set the alarm)

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If you know your way around installing a custom device handler and smartapp…


Installed it this morning and it worked great. Thanks

@schwark, Is there a way you can add a no delay option when turning on or either Arm Stay and even Arm Away?

I just added two options for silent arming and no delay. I have not tested it… please try it and let me know if it works.

This freaking awesome! Thanks for creating this SmartApp! In Android, if you have Tasker and Sharp Tools, you can get very creative. I have a rule that if me and my wife are out of the house, wait 5 minutes, then it will prompt me if anyone is in the house (just in case we have a nanny or another family member at home). If I say yes, then it leaves the mode as Home. If I say No, then it does a few tasks like closing blinds and setting the Alarm.com panel. I used to do that with a plug-in called AutoInput that would open that app and input the code and mode. Now I just need to arm it with this SmartApp with a Sharp Tools shortcut in Tasker.

I have tested it and it only arms. It does not use the silent option or the no delay option.

did you use the updated version from github? I just tried the silent option (btw, silent beeps only once instead of many many beeps over 20-30 secs) and it is working for me. I have not tried the nodelay one though. you can check the live logging on the ide to see if there is any error being thrown for you.

Is this as simple as adding the new code to the old smart app and republishing or do I need to create a new one.
Also is it possible to show only one “Thing” If the silent option works I would prefer to use it all the time.


You are correct about the silent option. That does work, I just mis-remember that part, between the time I tested it when I came home and when I posted. The No delay seem to be an issue for me.
As to not impact WAF I will retest when she go to pickup kidlet from school.

Would it be possible to separate the no delay between Stay and Away, since I do not want to have Away always be set with no delay.

The silent option is a option on the smart app. So both the switches will use that silent option or nodelay option when set. And yes, just cut and paste the latest github version and save, and publish for me to upgrade. I may end up moving the options to the switches instead.

@schwark, I am liking this liking this integration and appreciate the tweaks you have done.

This is running great. And I love the silent feature.

Now that I know the Silent and No-Delay are config options it made more sense.

Just updated the version in github. They are now per switch options. So you can change them for arm stay and arm away differently.