My Conexis L1 unlocked itself today whilst we were away from home

Totally baffled by this, but it looks like my front door lock unlocked itself today whilst we were out.

The event list on the device on IDE shows the unlock. Security cameras show nothing or nobody anywhere near the house…

What the? I don’t understand how this has happened?

It looks like ‘Ping Commands’ were sent to the device before it was unlocked…?

I’ve never worked with locks but it looks like pings are being sent every hour and the device is responding with its current status which causes events to be generated. So just before 4:27pm it reported it was unlocked. I’m not sure that it has necessarily said exactly when it was unlocked. Are those the ‘displayed’ events or did you select ‘all’?

That was from ‘all’…
I can’t find an event which would have actually unlocked it… It just looks like the lock responded to a ping saying it was unlocked… But it hadn’t been.


I also found my Yale Conexis L1 unlocked at 04:01 AM. I went to investigate at 04:45 and found it physically Unlocked, yet I know for certain that it was locked when I went to bed. I think it also has Autolock on as well.

Very strange.

Couple of things I noticed here, this doesn’t seem to be a command, it appears to be status report. Since you said here was a ping before, basically the DTH is reporting the current status of the lock. The lock had unlocked itself, most likely in cases like this the lock didn’t lock completely when it was locked, causing it to unlock when it was next queried or it unlocked itself when it didn’t complete the lock and the report was lost in the mesh hence it didn’t show up as unlocked until it’s pinged.

Thanks @RBoy!

If I unlock my Conexis L1 and don’t open the door, it re-locks itself after a few mins. If yours was unlocked then likely as RBoy says it did not look properly before.

Sorry to jump on an old thread but it seems I’m having this issue repeatedly. I have a LightwaveRF device set to come on when my Yale Conexis L1 is unlocked and this is what started my investigation, I couldn’t work out why the light kept coming on. I then set an automation to simply notify me when the door is locked or unlocked and I’ve screenshot the recent activity. For info, only I have access/logins for SmartThings and everything else. The only automation involving the lock is location based, the house is currently empty undergoing renovation and I’m nowhere near the 500m radius at the time of the incidents. Any suggestions as to, firstly, why this is happening? And, secondly, how to try and stop it? Many thanks.


Mine is now doing exactly the same thing. Did you ever find out what was causing it?

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If you’re using the stock zwave lock dth, there’s a bug if you rapidly lock and unlock the door it causes an incorrect report of the status. This is also due to a defect in the lock firmware. This enhanced lock DTH has a patch to help fix the issue.

You can also try to reset the lock and pair it again, in a few cases that helps fix the issue.