My case Sonos Connect and Dot

Continuing the discussion from Echo Dot and Sonos Play 5:

I have a Sonos playbar surround system with a Sonos connect. I put a y-connector on the audio output of the Dot and fed one to my Sonos Connect Input and one to a Small external speaker. The external speaker lets the DOT act like a regular echo when not passing audio to the Connect. When the audio is passed to the connect I get a much richer sound using my Sonos system. I also added a Bluetooth transmitter to the output of my connect and transmit to an outdoor bluetooth UB megaboom. It all works pretty will with some issues as follows:

  1. Depending on the size and volume of the small speaker off the y-connector you can get some echo
  2. Sometimes I have to force the DOT to push through to Sonos by using my Sonos interface to regroup the line-in with the playbar. No sure why it is not consistent but frankly I find the Sonos grouping methodology confusing and inconsistent at best.
  3. With regards to the external bluetooth speaker I definitely have latency issues that I don’t believe have anything to do with the Dot in the circuit. I find this more frustrating than an other issues. Any ideas?

Overall the experience is good in my opinion. A significant improvement in audio quality pushing the Dot through Sonos rather than an echo all by itself.