Sonos Playbar Issues

Hello Everyone,

I am having issues with Sonos Integration, I previously had a Playbar (surround sound with 2 x play 1 + Sub) and a Play 3 in another room. All were working fine.

About a week ago I added another Play 1 and a Play 5 (in separate rooms) added these and now the surround sound room above starting having issues being non visible.

The room above showed up a a room speaker (which was all 4 speakers) + the individual speaker. Having deleted them all, when I go to discover it now only picks up the two surround sound speakers (not the room group, sub or player) then it alternates between not connecting to one of the two surrounds, and neither can be used for audio alarms etc.

The other rooms are fine. Ive searched the forums and found a lot of older topics going back to 2014 saying don’t add more than 2 or 4 speakers until integration is fixed but nothing since.

For info the playbar is nailed on a static IP, it works fine with Sonos App, Spotify and Homebridge finds them fine.