My air conditoners show too high temperatures

i have five a/c units. they often/usually show far too high temperatures (like 35 to 40 degrees Centigrade) Is there somethign wrong with the sensors? On the other hand, when I look at the wall panels, the temperatures seem correct. how can i reset the sensors on the app?

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  1. Model numer of the AC units?
  2. Hub model number if you have one?
  3. Driver being used ?
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Hi Michael,

Sorry to bother you. Did you get my messages?
I received error messages

George, I got your message. I’m not familiar with this type of setup. You can try contacting support, and we can also tag the developer support people here on the forum to see if they can help.

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Hi @georgeszpiro Does that mean there is a difference in temperatures between the device and the SmartThings app?, also these types have a very unique way of connecting with SmartThings, so there are some limitations.

A good idea is to check the history of the temperature on SmartThings to check it is correct, you have two options use Samsung account or the SmartThings CLI

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Yes, there is a difference. Right now the app says 42°C and the panel on the wall says 26 C. This used to never happen before…

And how does the device history look on SmartThings?

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Can you Point out where I can see the device history?

Yes no problem, if you open the devices at the bottom you will find 3 options (control, routines, history) click on History.
For example: