Mute TV when Alexa is speaking

Is there a mechanism where I can tell when Alexa is speaking / responding and use a switch to mute the TV via Harmony Hub.

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I don’t believe so. It can’t automate single button presses, only routines afaik.

You could try using something like this:

but you will probably have to teach the command to it, then figure out a way to trigger a virtual switch when alexa is talking to controll the button presses…

Sorry. I probably was not clear. I was looking for a way that ST would know when Alexa was responding.

you could try plugging echo into an energy monitored outlet. then see if it spikes while she listens/talks.

Thank you. I did try that. The small amount of power it draws does not allow it to be very stable. I might try it again though and see if I could get some data.

Perhaps there is a more accurate device handler, or device?

You could try making a ventilated enclosure, and use luminosity sensor inside to detect light levels- Obviously this will likely have adverse affects on hearing. - Maybe you could alter a multisensor with luminosity like people have done with tubes for motion.

I can’t seem to think of any other way to detect when she’s talking/listening off of the top of my head.

Thank you for your thoughts. I will leave it till the Echo is available in the UK. But I think I could do more if I had access to the LED’s internally. I could then make my own switch. I am not going to take any risks at the moment as I’ve only had for just over a week.

vibration sensor on the side of the Echo, assuming the vibration sensors are that sensitive? Not sure if its in a high traffic area that would trigger the vibration as people passed by though.