Siren from Alexa?

Piper has a built-in siren in its camera. I have cameras already so it got me thinking, is it possible to have a siren come out of Alexa via it’s speaker or A upnp device speaker when he mode is vacation and a sensor or switch is triggered?

Alexa needs a voice command to do an action.

Can’t that be accomplished with Ask Alexa or CoRe?

askAlexa is an interface to control ST using voice commands. CoRE activates switches using pistons. CoRE has a lot of uses. Alexa can control a CoRE piston or a ST routine. Something to would have to trigger Alexa to activate in order to accomplish a task. Alexa needs a voice command to tell it to do something.

I’m not sure what the echosistant app is capable of. It is also a community developer created app.

Yes, a connected speaker! But not Alexa speaker alone. If you have a sound you like, in mp3 format, I could add it to Echosistant. If not, I might look for some samples and add them as speaker options

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Remind me why the echo speaker can’t be used? As you saw in your app thread the issue with Esistent is turning on the media mode of the AVR. I guess if I’m on vacation this doesn’t matter as much though.

I don’t have anything ready. I was thinking I would sample from products on the market.

Here is a sample of sounds. Can you break these up and loop them? Could you take these and make them into selectable sounds or better yet have each sounds go off for a different trigger.

Because Alexa is sleeping. As for the mp3s, this is exactly what I want to do:

The problem is, that they need to be stored in a reliable server…will look into it…

Do you have access the local ST hub? So it resides in the local side instead of the cloud.

I so wish we had access, but no…to my knowledge, no one has access to threir hub…