Music player trackDescription problem

I suddenly am having problems returning trackDescription from my Sonos Music Players. Anyone else having this problem?

The player is responding to pause, stop, play - but the track is returning a blank string. It just started doing this today. I have a Hubitat hub and the exact same code returns the track properly there.

Did something change with ST and Sonos support? After all these years it is still listed in the Sonos Labs section as not officially supported which seems ridiculous to me.

I would consider rebooting the hub. I have other speakers (Samsung) and when this happens, a reboot cures the problem (for at least a while). That does not solve any root problem (memory leak, etc); however, it works for a while. PS - I usually reboot my hub weekly unless I am development testing. Then daily.

That did the trick. Rebooted and it now works as it did before. Thanks.