Multisensor battery life (Fibaro/Aeon)

Hi, i’m looking to get a set of multisensors for my home and i want to make the right choice, usage ranges from measuring light to switch hue lamps to measuring temperature for evohome. From what i’ve read so far is that both the fibaro and aeon 6 sensors are about the same in terms of features and quality.
Battery life is also very important since i don’t want to have to do this more than once a year.

Which sensor would you recommend and what is the expected battery life for the devices?

Only the Aeon reports UV and Humidity and it comes with a power cable so you don’t have to run it on batteries, but the Fibaro can be used as a z-wave range tester.

You can run them both on 1 CR123A battery, but the Aeon supports 2 and claims to have a 2 year battery life.

How long the batteries last usually depends on what you set the reporting interval and thresholds to and they both have a lot of options. You need to use a custom device handler to change those settings but they both have multiple handlers on the forum.

I haven’t had them long so I’m still testing all their settings, but so far they seem to perform about the same.

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