Multipurpose sensor on garage door - can it text me when status is open at night?

Good morning, hoping for some help here. I feel like it’s an easy task but I can’t figure it out and did not see this particular issue addressed in other posts. This is my first time posting so apologies in advance if I’m missing something very basic.

I have the Multipurpose sensor on my garage door and it works fine. As the title of my post says, I’d like a text reminder from ST that tells me after 9pm (for example), hey dummy, you left the garage door open for more than 5 minutes. This is a little different than getting a text every time the door is opened - I don’t want that. I don’t have a smart garage door opener yet, so I don’t need to integrate any sort of response into this. I’m just looking for that text, which will prompt me to go downstairs and close the door.

This is all new to me, and I did search for a solution before posting. Thanks in advance!

you can use this app - you can run it on mode changes or just make it run everyday at 9pm no matter what mode you are in.

Message Central will do that (and more)
I use it to tell me if I left the shed door open.

You have two options… check the contact at a certain time or check if a contact has been open for a set amount of time…
Either one should work for you.

You can send push or text message or if you have a speaker setup you can use a voice message.

This is how you would install it:


Greg - thanks a lot. This worked. Just published my first app, which I copied from your link. Appreciate your insight!


Thanks @Cobra, I’ll look into this one too. WAF would be at record highs if I could send messages about laundry being done. I will have to check that out. I assume it’s based on a vibration sensor?

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I use a smartplug (i.e power monitor) to sense when the the machine has stopped… e.g. the power is down to 3watts and has stayed that way for 2-3 mins
Works well for me and has greatly enhanced WAF :slight_smile:

Works even better if the house ‘speaks’

Ahh - got it. I have some reading to do - great idea! Thanks!

Let me know if you need any help with it