Can't use temperature on multipurpose sensor

I bought the samsung smart things multipurpose sensors (vibration, open/close, temperature) so that I could turn on/off things based on temperature but I can’t seem to do that. I can only leverage the open or close action. I can’t seem to use the vibration, either.

When I say I can’t use the temp or vibration I’m talking about in an automation. When I try to add a routine that turns on a receptacle based on temperature, the temperature isn’t an available trigger.

What am I missing?


Haven’t used it but try the Virtual Thermostat app under Climate Control section when adding a new SmartApp.

You might be ready to implement webcore. A bit of a learning curve, but well worth it if you really want to control things. If you’re inclined to using such things, it can be addictive…possibly expensive as you add more devices. Worth a look.

Custom Monitors in Smart Home Monitor support turning on switches based on temperature.

Smart Lighting supports turning on switches based on acceleration.

That being said, @rudyinDana is right that WebCoRE is worth learning if you want more flexibility with your automations.

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