If this AND that then message?


I have a SmartThings motion/temp sensor on the back door.Is it possible to set up a push notification if the back door is open and the temperature is less than 16’C?

I can set up a push notification if either of these things happen individually easy enough, just cant figure out how to send a message only if BOTH conditions are met.

Many thanks for any help.

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Various ways, none with stock apps.

I do not know if @obycode’s SmartRules can do it, it’s an iOS app for ST. For sure it can let you know when one happens while the other is true.

I am assuming you do not have Rule Machine installed. No longer available.

CoRE is another option, search for it, but it’s being replaced by webCoRE (still in alpha development stage).

Not sure if Smart Lighting can do that - it’s a local run SmartApp developed by SmartThings.


I’m sure SmrtRules can do it. It’s free to set up 1 rule.

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Yes, thanks @ady624 and @PhilB for the shoutout. SmartRules can definitely handle that. As Phil mentioned, if you only need this one rule, it’s free! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Is CoRE going to be somehow deactivated when webCoRE is ready?


+1 on this VERY important question.
+1 for CoRE


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No, there is no need to deactivate it, though it is already sidelined, only receives critical updates. So while I would strongly recommend against using it, people are free to use it :smiley:


My one question would be is there an Android version of SmartRules?

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No :frowning:. iOS only for now


OK thanks for the reply.