Multipurpose Sensor Different P/N

I looking for buy two new Multipurpose Sensor to use my laundry(washer and dryer), but I find different P/N like below


What this is the last model?

Or you can recommend other vibration sensor?


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Came here looking for the answers because I also have the STS-MLT-250 M/N that doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on SmartThings support page. This page has different model numbers.

Try the following thread:

Samsung Multipurpose Sensor STS-MLT-250 not pairing

Thanks JD, but I am not having issues pairing. I am just experiencing extremely poor uptime on the sensors once paired. I have to reset some sensors on a weekly basis around the house.
Wanted to know how old this one was or what the latest model is(like I figure emersonvier was asking). Also, I was wondering if there was a recall on these specific model numbers since smartthings doesn’t currently list it on their page anywhere.

Did you actually read the other thread? You would be able to talk to other people there who have the device working.

It was certified in 2016 and appears to been on sale briefly in 2017. This was a time when smartthings was switching from one device manufacturer to another and they went through a couple of model variations for several devices. It looks like this is one of those.