Multiple Smart Tablet "Key Pads"


I am in the process of making ST my primary interface and would like to setup tablets as my “keypad”

I was successful in setting up one tablet using lannouncer and bigtalker2.

Now the stupid question I have is if I want to setup 2 additional tablets the same way, is that possible?

I use both Lannouncer and BigTalker and am unaware of these apps supporting keypad functions.

I’m guessing you may be using @tgauchat ActionTiles with the security pin function for your keypad. If not please define what you are using for the “keypad”.

You may have multiple tablets / smartphones set up with ActionTiles and they will all function as “keypads”. However, ActionTiles currently supports a single pin number.

Should you want multiple pins or need entry and exit delays, you may use one or more Iris or Centralite Keypads with my SHM Delay smartapp.

Sorry should’ve have eloborated more.

I use action tiles, lannouncer, and big talker.
Use big talker and announcer to speak when one of my contacts are open etc.

I want duplicate this on another tablet but it looks like ST announcer app only allows for one IP address and can’t add more.

Go onto the IDE and add additional lannouncer devices

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I think op is asking if there’s a clone functionality

@arnb has the correct answer. Each tablet needs an additional device added in the ide and you define the IP address for each device.

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awesome, will try it…thanks for the help!