Multiple smart phones as presence sensor

Is there anyway to add multiple smartphones as presence sensors without giving them access and control to the hub? I do not want them to have accounts that allow them to change my settings. I have family the comes and goes that I’d like to have their presence shut off the security and allow access without triggering all the notifications I get.

A few question I will answer first before everyone gives their thoughts:
1.) No they do not want to carry ST presence sensors. They would be forgotten somewhere but a smartphone never is.
2.) No we do not want to use the app life360. Its to intrusive and we do not want to track every move of our family and friends.

Thanks for your input in advance!

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You can use IFTTT presence (called “location”) and have it turn on a virtual presence sensor in SmartThings. This is a free third-party service, but it doesn’t do any of the tracking that life 360 does. You can just have it trigger when you enter a specific location zone, like your house. We use it for housemates. You will have to install the IFTTT app on their phone, but if you do not give them that password, they will not have access to any of your other smartthings devices. Or you can give them a password and then change it after everything is set up.

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Thanks for the endorsement, Ron!

But while ActionTiles is a great way to securely and granularly share access to whatever things in your SmartThings Account with ActionTiles Accounts (ie, tailored limited access Panels for each user), we currently do not provide an automatic “presence sensor” function.

I believe that the affordable wevCoRE App can provide this add-on feature.


Yeah. I got a little too excited. :man_shrugging:t5:


Action Tiles could also be combined with IFTTT presence. Action tiles limits the devices they have manual access to, IFTTT presence triggers a virtual presence sensor in smartthings to give you all the automatic stuff. :sunglasses:


OK I want to do exactly the same thing. If either my wife arrive home DISARM the system.
When BOTH of us are OUT ARM the system to AWAY.

I am happy to use life360 if thats reliable and I am happy to use IFTTT but I looked over all the applets on IFTTT and could not find the applet that detects arrival and departures , can you be super specific ? I’m figuring to set a delay of 1 minute before any sirens go off, to give the system time to respond.

Thanks for your help !

I linked to it in post 2 above. It’s called “location.“

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Also, read the FAQ that I linked to in post 2, it has more details.

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Thanks for all the advice JD. I spent a better part of the weekend just trying to connect SmartThings with IFTTT because of the pin# they sent was delayed and must change each time I requested it.

Anyway I do need further advice on using the IFTTT as a presence sensor for the SmatThings motion detector. I cant find an applet that is for SmartThings that will deactivate and reactivate based on presence. I might not be fully understanding how to look for it but I sent a lot of time looking around. I tried to write on applet but it says the one and off feature for motions sensors are not an option.

Of this specific topic a bit but do you know how I can keep my water leak sensors always activated and not be controlled by presence or armed or disarmed?

Thank you for all the help.

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