Using 1 phone as a Presence Sensor at 2 homes

From time to time my parent’s come and let my dog out while I’m at work. I am integrating a Yale lock that I would like to unlock when they arrive. My question is since they are already using their phones as presence sensors at their own home, can I use their phones as presence sensors at mine? Does that work or is there a better solution? If it helps they are both Android phones.

I don’t think you could use ST native presence detection at both locations but maybe use Life360 at one of the locations. We have used Life360 for presence for years and find it to be quite reliable.

I am not sure if you could use Life360 at both locations. Maybe?

I think what you want to try is to set them up to have access to your location as shared. This is how my wife and i have access to our smartthings. If you do that and then they are enabled in the Smartthings app to allow phone presense detection it may work. I think further testing should be used to validate it though.

Just remember that this then means they would have access to your whole location.

If you want to do it without that level of access then it is likely going to need something like a family plan with life 360.

Thank you. I’m going to try out Life360. Now I just need to get everyone else on board. Hopefully, this will work.

Some people think it’s “creepy” because you can see where everyone is. My bride and I like it for that reason. If one of us should be somewhere, and aren’t, we can look at the app and see where they are.