Mobile presence without sharing account?

Hey guys,

I’m starting to collect my pieces to buld my home automation.

So far the only unanswered question I have:

Is it yet possible to use your family’s phones as presence sensors without allowing account sharing?

I know I could purchase presence sensors, but hear the battery life of those is not great, and does not guarantee they will always have the presence sensors on them. This is my logic for using the mobile phones.

I believe this can be done with Life 360 and IFTTT if I remember correctly.

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As @celblazer mentioned, many community members do this with life 360, which is an official integration, and actually doesn’t require IFTTT.

Or you can use IFTTT. Or a couple of other options.

These are all discussed in the presence FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Thank you guys, I’ll look over the available options and go from there.

Thanks again for such a fast reply!

Thanks for correcting my mistake, good to know it integrates directly.

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