Multiple notification for same event

I am getting exactly 3 notification per event… How do I get it down to 1 notification per event?

What’s the specific event and what did you set up to send you a notification?

door locking and unlocking notifications and presence sensors when people are leaving and or coming. All the notifications work great it just shows 3 notifications for the same event instead of 1. i am using a galaxy s7 edge if that affects anything.

Right, but what smart app or routine are you using to send yourself a notification?

Let’s start with the doorlock.

One) Open the mobile app

Two) select the my home icon (four tiny little squares icon) at the bottom of the page

Three) select “things” at the top of the next page

Four) scroll down until you see the lock that you want to check. Now tap on its name to open it to details page (just the name, not the icon on the left or the right)

Five) when the detail screen opens, at the top it will say “right now,” “recently” and “smart apps”

Click on “smartapps”, and it will show you a list of whatever routines and smart apps are referencing this lock. Take a screenshot of that and post it here. :sunglasses:

Or you can just check each one of those yourself to see which ones are sending you notifications.

5 mins is auto door locking after 5 mins
z-wave lock unlocking is whenever door is unlocked and i am away
susanna leaves is when susanna leaves
good bye is when everyone in house leaves
good night is when its night time (9:00pm)
rubin leaves is when i leave
ray leaves is when ray leaves

all routines except 5 min auto door lock. Its a lever lock so i modded the enhance door lock to not require a sensor and just lock after 5 min.
But thats not the worse part worse part is even if someone leaves it sends me 3 notification of that. But i think i can confirm its not smartthings fault. My wife on IOS is only getting 1 notification each time. Should i uninstall the app and reinstall to see if it helps? and will that erase all my settings, because i spent a long time setting this up so i can keep track of who’s home.

I’m also getting 3 notifications for each event…my partner too…how do I stop it?

Is it possible the trigger is happening 3 times very quickly? Such as a multipurpose sensor opening and closing?

Please reach out to support and they can investigate.

  1. Open App
  2. Open Automation
  3. Open Smart Apps Tab

See what “Notify Me When” set ups you have added. Make sure there is one for each.