How can I automate this: motion sensors

I have numerous ST motion sensors and they control lightify lamps fine.

However as the ST motions are in different rooms, they all currently trigger the same 3 lightify lights on the ground. That’s fine as a motion is in back room, and kitchen which I want for security and to come on when walking about.

However as 1 motion is in kitchen, if working in kitchen it keeps triggering the lights, which isn’t really needed until you walk back into the landing (where there is another motion).

So is there a way to automate what, I’ve hopefully explained good enough, to do this please?


Not following your use case actually, but have a look at zone motion manager, maybe you can use it.

Is that a smartapp?

Basically I’ve got all motion in parallel doing the same lights. So if your In a room working etc it still triggers lights in landing

Yea, it’s a smartapp.