Multiple Lighting Systems with ST (new to this game but loving it)

Two more points:


Many people really like Picos, but if you use the official SmartThings/Caseta integration, the picos will be invisible to SmartThings. You can still use them in a virtual three-way with a Lutron master switch, but that’s the only way you can use them. You can’t set them up in a virtual three-way with a Z wave switch or use them to control other SmartThings actions.

If you get the Lutron smartbridge Pro instead of the standard SmartBridge model there is a community – created integration which would allow you to expose the pico to smartthings, but it’s technically much more complex to set up and requires an additional device running as a “man in the middle” server.

So I just wanted to mention that it’s likely that you would be using alternative devices rather than picos for the other parts of your lighting system. See the following FAQ for some examples:

More info

You might also find the following FAQ on SmartThings and large houses of interest: