Multiple hubs in 1 house but want to keep them separate

Hello all. I have an existing hub setup and all works great. however i have a basement apartment in my house and want to set that up with a separate hub and devices completely separate from my existing one. separate account, location, etc. Can this be done and will i run into any problems? Im confused as to when pairing a device how will it know what hub to pair to? and do i need them on separate networks?

Yes you can do that, the point to note is that when you’re pairing a device you need to put the hub that you want to pair the device with into pairing mode (basically click on the + or Add a thing button).

We’ve got multiple hubs running here in our labs without any issues.

Do keep in mind that after paring a new device, it’s important to run a Z-Wave repair so that the network discovery optimizes the routes and paths for the signal to travel.


I’ve never used more than one hub at a time, but yes you should be able to. I guess it’s possible the z-wave or zigbee networks on one hub could cause some degree of interference with the corresponding network on the other hub in some circumstances.

You have to put the both the device and the hub into pairing mode to add a new device. So as long as you don’t put both hubs in pairing mode simultaneously, that shouldn’t be an issue.

This might be necessary. The hub does have an auto-join feature for certain LAN-connected devices, like Hue. So I’m not sure what would happen if you have two ST hubs and one hue bridge on the same LAN.


As @RBoy and @marktheknife mentioned, quite a few community members have done this for one reason or another. It’s not really any different than two apartments next-door to each other.

It used to be super easy because, as they pointed out, You have to do something with both the hub and the switch to get them to join to each other.

With the introduction of super LAN connect last year, however, this changed for devices that connect by Wi-Fi or ethernet to the same network that your hub is on. Those now automatically connect themselves several times an hour, which to be honest, some of us find very annoying. For example, one of my housemates has his own Phillips hue bridge which is not supposed to be part of our smartthings implementation, but it keeps adding itself. :rage:

If you stick to just zwave and zigbee devices, it should be fine With one caveat.

If you are adding or removing zwave devices to either hub, you may need to do a “general exclude.“ If you do this at coincidentally the same time that someone on the other hub is physically manipulating a device like turning the switch on and off it is possible that device will get dropped from its own network. It’s not really likely, but it is possible. So you need to be very aware of what The people in the other part of the house are doing when you are adding and deleting zwave devices.

Oh, and I forgot, with the new app, “smartthings (Samsung connect)”, you can also accidentally pick up your neighbors’ Bluetooth devices And if you have a Samsung galaxy phone you may be able to pair them to your own phone. That one’s problematic but I don’t know exactly how it works.