Multiple Actions?

I put an open close sensor on my downstairs bathroom because the kids keep leaving the light on.

Currently i have the multipurpose sensor to when open turn on the 2 bulbs in the bathroom

I have it set that after 10 minutes the lights turn off

I would like to have it where if the door closes twice that it turns off meaning. Door opens light turn on, you close door to use bathroom. Open door back up to get out and when you close door to get out then the light turns off.

Can anyone help me out as to how to make this happen?

Easiest method would be to get a motion sensor. :slight_smile:

But you can try using webcore to accomplish what you want. But always a large chance it will constantly get out-of-sync. To check out webCoRE, go to

See the community faq.

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings (2017) (SmartThings Classic)

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The way that my bathroom is setup a motion sensor would be a bit difficult. @JDRoberts i started to read into what you tagged me and pretty much got lost lol. Guess this is a bit more complicated than I thought.

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I just did this for my basement lights and @jkp is correct, webcore is the way to go and quite easy (for me at least).
The webcore community is very helpful and chances are someone already has the script you need (me and others) that you can just modify with your devices.

I went on step further (I’m cheap…LOL), I bought cheap sensors that do not connect directly to smartthings right now, so I use the IFTTT service to switch on/off 2 virtual devices in smartthings (super easy to create) which webcore can then utilize.

I know, I know, IFTTT is slow, however when using it to turn lights off that were left on… does a couple of seconds added to the 10 minute off rule really matter?.. the answer is NO!.

I do not use it for my main on controls for any device other than virtual for these off routines.

If you need help… just ask… everyone here and in the webCoRE community (@anon36505037 and the community) are AWESOME!

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@Ex70s I would love to pick your brain a little bit on some of these more advanced webcore settings . Right now I have it on a 10 minute timer regardless but I would like to have that double shut option to turn off. I started to try and dable into ifttt but apparently i am missing some understanding still. I created the virtual switch on smart things to control my wifi lights can’t figure out what the hell im supposed to do on ifttt to make it where the virtual switch controls all three outside front lights. The rabbit hole seems to be much more than previously expected lol.

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IFTTT is a very simple “if single event A, then single event B” structure for the SmartThings integration.

So you would need to set up a virtual switch That IFTTT turns on, and then having that switch turn on turn on your other three real switches. Using something on the SmartThings side, typically either the official smart lighting feature, or maybe Webcore.

But the short answer is likely to be webcore. There are lots of people who will be able to help you with that, they even have their own forum. :sunglasses:

All of that said, that’s just for the logic side. As far as the devices go, most people don’t find a Contact sensor enough for the use case you were describing. they generally have to include a motion sensor as well. But you can try it and see. :sunglasses:

I have a different automation question similar to this. I already have the mq in my garage to let me know when the door is open or closed. But i would like to get it when the door opens that the lights kick on in the garage for x amount of time. Should I use a tilt sensor to achieve this or would this be another job for the motion sensor? Would you point the motion sensor at the door or would you put it on the door if you did it that way?

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Personally, I would use the tilt sensor. That way only the door opening would trigger the lights coming on. But it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you have the MyQ lite app for use with ST I would recommend using it with tilt sensors. Works great for me. I use WebCore to perform several actions based on door opening, presence and time of day. It works great but I notice that I usually have the door opening and am in the garage before ST/Webcore knows I have “arrived”.

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I was thinking a tilt sensor would be the best option. Would a ecolink zwave style work fine? I don’t see anything specifically for smart things.

I haven’t set that app up yet. I went balls deep without having a ecosystem in place first and am now backtracking to make it all work. What tilt sensor are you using?

I use an unbranded z-wave plus tilt sensor from Mono Price. I don’t see it on their website now. It is the same as the ecolink device I think. It works great and others here have reported the ecolink devices work well. I would make sure you get a Z-wave Plus version just to save on battery changes.

I use the standard Z-wave Window/Door Sensor device type handler for it. Never had an issue with them.

seems the only available one is the standard currently

I have a standard Z-Wave that I’ve had in operation for 2-3 years without issue, or a battery change.

Up north it was in my garage 30+ feet away from the hub and through 1 wall. Never dropped.

Here in Florida I’m using it on my mailbox, line of site about 45 feet through a patio door. Has not dropped off.

If you can’t find a plus version (still the preferred version) I wouldn’t hesitate to use the non plus version unless @JDRoberts has a technical reason not to.

Just my 2 cents from experience.

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The classic zwave version should be fine as long as you don’t need the extra range from the Z wave plus. :sunglasses:

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I would say from my hub to my garage is like 50ft maybe a tad more

Looks like ZwaveOutlet has the plus model. That said, it seems like the non-plus version should work based on Steve’s feedback. If you do run into a problem just add an outlet or switch somewhere between to extend your network.

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I think the non-plus would work but, unless I could get the non-plus version for a SIGNIFICANT discount, I would opt for the plus version if I could get it.


I use the monoprice tilt sensor on amazon for 20 bucks or so,
The only problem is I dont like that I cant say nor will alexa report … hey the garage is open still with that device so a regular open/close sensor works great.
Screw in a door hinge to the frame of the garage and mount one side of the sensor to the hinge. The other side is mounted to the frame itself. As the door opens the hinge opens causing the sensor to open and report door open.
The right placement gives you an open call even if the door is only open a foot or two AND alexa will utilize this sensor to talk back to ya.

I will respond to your IM shortly, just got home from work and gettin the house and kids sorted.

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