Multiple Actions?

I have the myq on my garage door so that works fine for the open close. I just want the lights to get triggered by the sensor mainly.

I do as well, and yes you need the sensor to trigger things, so mine is set to turn on the actual lights in the garage as soon as that sensor opens unless they are already on.

Added benefit with alexa is, during my good night routine, everything closes/locks, lights all turn off, all the AV turns off in the theater, home sets to armed, temp sets to sleepy time AND the benefit part… alexa reports which/if any of the windows/doors are open.

I use the native smart lighting app for the garage door integration(Local sensor) as it is instantaneous.
I use webcore/IFTTT for mainly off automations.

I would probably set a smart-lighting routine for the on so its NOW and create the piston for the off as that can be delayed slightly and no-one would notice, even my OCD a$$.

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I got the my q lite setup in smart things now. Just waiting for my tilt sensor to get here from Amazon on Friday to show my open and close of the door. Sucks that the nest manager doesn’t work anymore, I have the thermostat and doorbell :frowning:

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Well amazon canceled my order for the tilt sensor and now it says it’s unavailable :frowning:

You’re the man! To be quite honest I forgot ebay existed LOL Amazon with the brainwashing!!

Ordered :slight_smile: