Multi-State Virtual Switch

Is there a virtual device type that can handle 3 (or more) different states? My goal is to have one virtual switch that can represent each home state (home, night, away) for use with IFTTT.

I.e. State 1 = Home, State 2 = Night, State 3 = Away


Must be possible if a thermostat can be off/heat/cool ???

A Switch is only “on/off”.

One possibility is a Virtual Dimmer… that gives you 100 values (0 to 100%); but you could break it into 4 ranges (0-24, 25-49, etc.).

where is this virtual dimmer? I don’t see any it in the device list. Are all virtual devices names starting with “simulated”

Yes, the “simulated” Device type handlers are virtual devices. The exact name doesn’t matter, that’s just up to the original author of that DTH.

Meanwhile, to go back to the question in the first post of this topic, there is now a community – created DTH that can handle up to 4 states but isn’t a dimmer. See the following

“Anybody” can write a DTH that is non-conforming to an official SmartThings Capability.

Such a DTH is not compatible with 3rd party SmartApps.

Of course, this is largely a problem of the non-evolving Capability structure of the SmartThings Platform.

(but…using a virtual dimmer simply layers on top of the “setLevel” Capability, and thus remains confirming).