Virtual switch with 3(+) states?

I know that switches are usually on and off (2 states). Are there any device handlers for a virtual switch with 3 (or more states): i.e., A, B, or C?

Intent is to use it to follow the status of STHM - Armed/Away, Armed/Stay, Disarmed. Automations/Webcore would change the state and other automations would monitor and execute as states changed.

I’d like to use it for visualization purposes where the STHM dashboard cannot be seen.


People used to use the virtual garage door control for this, because it had 5 states: open/opening/closing/closed/unknown. I don’t know if that still works, though. The thread is pretty old. (Also note that @tgauchat who was active in that thread sadly passed away in December 2019. He is much missed.)

3 or more state virtual "button"?

Another alternative people have used in the past is a combination of a virtual dimmer (0 to 99 settings) and virtual switches turned on and off for various levels. For example, I know some people used this method to represent Low/Med/high states. But that one is a lot of work to code and the UI isn’t great since it requires one tile for each state.

I don’t know if there’s any better way to do this in the new architecture. :thinking: @orangebucket or @Automated_House might know.

Might not be exactly what you want, but I ran up this a while back:

Anidea-for-SmartThings/devicetypes/orangebucket/anidea-for-security-system-helper.src at master · orangebucket/Anidea-for-SmartThings (


@orangebucket when i am creating an automation no button name is displayed

Can this be added, please?

That is a long standing flaw in the implementation of the Automations.