Multi-scene light wall switches (NZ)

Does anyone know of a wall switch plate that has buttons for 4 scenes and Off to be selected.

Zooz ZEN32

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What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :sunglasses:

I am in New Zealand … but I am interested to know what is available in all countries.


Adam Hughes

It’s not just what’s available: for example, the Zooz device that was recommended earlier in this thread is for US distribution only. It’s illegal to operate that one in New Zealand because it’s on the wrong Z wave frequency for that region.

Zwave has different frequencies for different regions, because The wrong frequency might interfere with local first responder frequencies. Or local mobile phone frequencies.

Some protocols, like Wi-Fi and low power Zigbee, can be operated anywhere in the world. But others, like Z wave, have important regional restrictions.


This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It’s a very busy forum so it often comes up near the top in general Google searches, but it is not a general home automation forum.

There are different smartthings hub models for different regions precisely because of this protocol issue, which is why the country you intend to operate the hub in makes such a big difference. The hub available for sale in the UK, for example, is illegal to operate in New Zealand. Same with the one for sale in the US. But there is an Australian version of the hub that would be legal in New Zealand as those two countries use the same Z wave frequency.

Or you can use SmartThings In a “hub optional” set up, in which case you would be limited at present to Wi-Fi devices or cloud to cloud integrations.


So a few questions before we can give you an answer:

  1. what country do you intend to operate the device in? This does make a difference.

  2. are you looking for Mains powered or battery powered? If mains powered, what voltage?

  3. do you want to control dumb bulbs or smart bulbs? If smart bulbs, can you use ones that are connected to a Phillips hue bridge? This gives you some additional choices. Will your scenes include anything besides lightbulbs?

  4. Will you be using a smartthings hub? Or Will you be using smartthings in a hub-optional configuration?

If you’re not intending to use Samsung smartthings at all, then you will probably get better answers at the Reddit home automation subforum, as they are brand-agnostic. They will still need to know what country the device is going to operate in, though. :thinking:

What I am looking for is a battery powered wall switch that can control several light scenes that works with SmartThings Hub. One button for each scene. Hopefully 4 scenes.


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Tuya (Zigbee, sold under many different brand names) and Aeotec (zwave, including NZ frequency) both have devices that fit that form factor, but to be honest I’m not sure whether they’re working with smartthings right now. Hopefully someone else will know.

For the Aeotec, get the model that works in Australia, on 921.4 MHz frequency. This is the manufacturer’s website, Aeotec owns Popp. Aeotec is also now a major partner with smartthings, and is taking over manufacture of the hubs, so I feel most confident that their devices will continue to work with the platform in the future.

RGBGenie’s Zigbee Devices might be possible, but they more often work as a parallel means of control for Zigbee bulbs rather than actual scene control in a smartthings setup. But again, I don’t know exactly what’s working right now with smartthings, hopefully someone else will.