Multi-room Temperature Logger

I have an old inefficient house with a new weather compensated condensing boiler. I am struggling to get the heating curves right as some rooms are too hot and others too cold. My suspicions are that some rooms are under heated (too small/inefficient radiators) while others are too warm.

So I can understand what is happening better, I would like to be able to log the temperature in three or preferably four locations concurrently so I can get an average across the house. I should then be able to see which areas need additional heat sources and which areas could be trimmed back.

Does anyone know of a relatively cheap multi-location temperature measuring and logging product?

Any advice much appreciated.

Looks like you are new here, do you have SmartThings hub, any smart devices? Some z-wave motion sensors have temperature sensors built in, like these $23 ones at Monoprice. With some of those and a SmartApp (& a hub) you could log the data (for example, I use this: Google Sheets)

If you are just looking for stand-alone products, a quick search at Amazon turned up with some $19 devices you can plug into USB to download temperature data. I have no experience with these.

I use the esp8266 NodeMCU units with the DHT-22 sensor, and a simple USB wall wart, total cost per location is about $5. You just have to connect the items together and program it yourself. The Monoprice units are good if you don’t want to fool with any electronics.

Go overboard, it’s always the best* option.

*No, this isn’t true. Don’t believe me.


Hi Kevin, I have nothing at the moment, but have been considering putting my toe in the water with a SmartThings Hub. Thanks for your help.

The Monoprice units look good for me, but they are quite pricey here in the UK. I will investigate building my my own with the esp8266 NodeMCU as you suggest - thank you.

Hi Michael, that is certainly an impressive piece of work! Going overboard certainly has its attraction! :slight_smile: