Multi questions

Could you wrap the presence fob in foil or something similar to decrease its range, then add it to your keychain?

David are you using the mobile presence on your phone, or the key fob? The range of the fob really shouldn’t be long enough to get much further than your driveway, unless you have the hub, or a repeater next to the exterior wall.

CoryS, I’m using both now. Maybe I remove my phone as a presence sensor?

I just added these two recipes to iftt, let’s see if they work better or worse

a) When I enter my home area, then unlock Front Door
b) If Home smartSense Presence is detected, then unlock Front Door

I would strongly advise against using mobile presence to control your door locks. It has been very sketchy for me. I was just on a call with some ST devs the other day and even they admit their mobile presence is still very unreliable on both Android and iOS.

So then what’s the alternative? There’s got to be something??

Well like I said, try turning off mobile presence and give using just the presence fobs a shot. I also suggest not leaving them in cars. My wife keeps hers in her purse, and I keep mine on my keychain. It works out better that way anyway because she never goes anywhere without her purse and the mode gets properly changed when we go somewhere together and leave a car behind.

Ok, will give it a shot, thanks. I apologize for what is i’m sure a simple thing, but when you say turn off mobile presence, do you mean “remove” it from smartthings app?

You can either remove it, or just unlink it from the smartapps that control your modes/doors.

Can you connect a single presence to multiple hubs?

No, I don’t think so. However, I think it is on the road map.