Multi questions

Can the multi be used outside?
If so, can it be used to open a schlage lock? So if it detects you approaching, the door unlocks?
I ask because having this same feature with the Presence or my iphone, works either way too inconsistently (when I’m hanging out on the couch??) or from too far away for it to be viable.

I’m guessing you’re talking about the Aeon Labs Multi and not the SmartThings Multi. Yes, it can be used outdoors

I’m actually talking about the multi from Smartthings.
Btw, why does the app not register the multi as closed even though they’re literally touching?


The multi senses four things; open/close state, temperature, acceleration and orientation. It cannot detect proximity to a presence sensor.


Bah. Any ideas how I can have some device detect my presence when I approach the front door, then send a signal to my z-wave schlage lock to open it?

The best idea would be a key-fob rather than a presence tag of some kind. It also gives a little more security as you have to press the button rather than just drive/walk within a radius of something else.

I love it. Is that my only option for a z-wave key fob that’ll work with ST’s?

Well… that key fob doesn’t work with ST. At least not yet.
I bought one from Amazon. I was able to add it to my hub, I can see button presses. But there is no way to set up the button to do anything with ST.

There was someone else on the forums who asked about this same device, here.

Oh, I thought you mentioned it cause it was a solution. Damn, gotta keep searching

There’s got to be a way to have “something” outside recognize my phone and open the door as I approach. No? Or there’s got to be a fob like you mentioned that can pair with ST’s and with a press of the button, door unlocks.

Actually, the multi can detect proximity. Just change the device type to a smartthings presence sensor. I’ve setup a motion detector that way and it seems to work great.

The presence fobs have firmware changes in them to conserve battery power when not on the network though.

And why can’t you use the SmartThings presence tag? We have three in the family and they work great to unlock/lock doors.

Just sayin’,

Tack, a) because they unlock the door way too far away from the house
b) they sometimes act on their own. i.e. lock and unlock the door randomly when my car’s been sitting in the driveway for 5 hours

CoryS, so can the multi be used outdoors?

@Duo you might be able to alter the “double tap” app to unlock. I did this to double tap a light switch near my door to unlock (so the hub and lock know it is unlocked and re-lock). Seems like you could do the same since you can see the clicks already? maybe?


Interesting! Multis can detect proximity to what? How?

@shanemhoffmangmail-com The presence fobs work by if they have signal, you’re present, if they don’t you aren’t They are about as simple as it gets for a zigbee device. If you change the device type of another ST Zigbee device to that of a presence fob then it acts the same way. I was toying around with the idea to see if a motion sensor could be plugged in a cars 12v source and never need to have the batteries replaced (or very rarely).

However, the presence fobs have a firmware that saves battery by only polling every 2 or so minutes when you are present, and every 15 seconds when you’re not. I have no idea how other devices are setup in relation to that.

@alucard76 Can they be used outdoors? As long as they don’t get wet they should be fine. But, i’m a little confused what you’re asking. If you want to hack them into acting like a presence fob wouldn’t it be in your car? I also doubt it would act any differently than your presence fob as far as range goes. They are both zigbee with similar radios. I have found leaving presence fobs in your car to be pretty unreliable unless you have excellent signal to the area. the car is wrapped in signal blocking metal, and stray RF interference will knock them offline. Also, if you have one of the original SmartThings power outlets… unplug it. That thing caused me issues for months with my presence fobs and I never knew what was causing it until it ended up dying.

What may be a better solution for you, being your door is unlocking too soon (thats rare, its usually too late) is to setup a multi in your car door and setup an app to unlock your front door when presence is detected, and there is activity on your cars multi.

@coryds So it seems you are saying that you could carry the multi around as if it was a presence sensor. What the original poster seemed to be talking about was that a key fob or phone could detect its proximity to a multi.

Whoops I misunderstood then. Probably what I said previously about using the multi to detect your car door opening would be the best bet then.

You guys are all too smart for me. All i want is for my front door to unlock when I approach the door. Not when I’m down the street or walking the dog around the block, or when i’m sitting at home. I key fob would be best no? But they don’t work yet with ST’s. I guess I’m basically trying to turn my ST’s devices and my schlage lock into a Kevo or Goji or other type of smart lock that unlocks as you approach.